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A Poet’s Tribute to the dotty Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood In Quibbler Specs

Let me introduce to a girl, amusingly eccentric, In the world of wizardry, witchcraft and magic, Her ways unconventional, Her beliefs sensational, She is truly unique! Her pale eyebrows on fleek. She is the anti-Hermione. With her knack of embarrassing honesty, Her eyes explore the alternate version of magical reality. …

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The Incredible Media: Who’s the Inventor?

media featured

Don’t trust the media. You have heard that enough times already. The thought that newspapers, television or the internet are authentic sources of information is an idea that influences a vast majority of people.  Well, I am not going to lecture you about how news is deceiving you and how …

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You were Born High


Disclaimer: Anything that is written here is based on research and you can find a few links at the bottom of the article that’ll open your mind. Recently I found myself fascinated by the world of drugs with Harshitha’s article on Marijuana and with a certain amount of research I was …

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When a Calamity Strikes

feature image A

Earth trembled, the lava rose, The world around the bulge in the earth froze! The bulge now red, Predicting the future ahead.   Save your life run! Because everything and everyone in the path will burn It. couldn’t get worse! Now, the clouds have gathered, hiding the sun   Surrender! Because …

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Zombie Amongst Slaves

zombie 1

In the world of slavery I was bitten by a zombie Bitten in the haunted yet enchanting forest Possibly that zombie was among the last ones on this planet The wound was deep and clear So my family decided to disappear My body started to change People pointed fingers and …

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Mary is a Little Lamb


Mary is a little lamb, In the world full of wolves, She dreams to be a lioness. Walks among them in a disguise!   She didn’t follow anybody, She paved her own path. Been in the depth of dungeons, She has seen more than the other lambs.   She is …

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Books VS Audio Books

book featured

Books or E-books? There’s a never-ending heated debate about which one is better? To each their own! You can choose to feel a book and carry with you the ancient method reading or adapt to the advance in technology and accept an e-book to be the next stage in the …

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