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The Science Behind Addiction


Everybody is victim to addiction in one way or another. The word originates itself from the term used in ancient Roman for ‘enslaved by’ or ‘bound to’. Addiction is the habitual psychological or physiologic dependence on a substance or practice that is beyond voluntary control. This behavioral becomes serious and …

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The Science Behind Hiccups


Ever caught your phrenic nerves getting irritated by various reasons that causes your diaphragm to spasm which makes you take short breaths and then it is obstructed by the closing of epiglottis? What I mean is, do you catch yourself to be the victim of hiccups often? Of course, we …

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Can We Play With Energy?


Energy cannot be destroyed or created It transforms. It is transferred. Inspiration is like energy An uninspired poet sits across a blank sheet. Inside a dried forest, on a stump of a tree. Staring at the glazing sun for inspiration. Staring at his cigarette with introspection. He lights. It burns. …

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The Science Behind Love

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How awesome would it be to have a formula for making people fall in love? Turns out that there is a quantifiable explanation for how love actually happens. So let’s dive into the science behind this complex and often frustrating phenomenon. The brain has a part/segment called the hypothalamus that produces …

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The Science behind Jealousy


Let it be Nick Jonas or I, we all at some point have experienced that suffocating feeling; jealousy. It is an emotion that is frowned upon, however scientifically proven it’s a natural tendency in every human. The more in tune you are with your emotions, the more you’ll feel jealous …

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The Science behind Laughter

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Sudden ignition of the frontal lobe, neural discharge with simultaneous contraction of the facial muscles–signal to the brain stem for controlling lung function–diaphragm enforces air out in the larynx–vibration of vocal chords– and Voila! That’s how you laugh! We connect through laughter, laughing on the same matter indicates the same …

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Marina Abramovic: The Artist as a Medium

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Art is beautiful. Artists must be beautiful. What you’re reading isn’t a wisecrack by a well established smartass artist, but a slogan performance artist Marina Abramovic repeats all the while brushing her hair vehemently (rooting out almost a thousand hair follicles in the process) for a period of 60 minutes. …

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