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A Fangirl Review of The Cursed Child


The last time I completed a book within a day, I was sixteen – then life found me and my reading time was considerably shorter. But the return of Harry Potter series in the form of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child required me to shut everything out and read. …

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A Poet’s Tribute to the dotty Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood In Quibbler Specs

Let me introduce to a girl, amusingly eccentric, In the world of wizardry, witchcraft and magic, Her ways unconventional, Her beliefs sensational, She is truly unique! Her pale eyebrows on fleek. She is the anti-Hermione. With her knack of embarrassing honesty, Her eyes explore the alternate version of magical reality. …

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Fantastic Creations: A J.K. Rowling Tribute


Describing the art of writing, E. L. Doctorow stated, “Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader – not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” One of the writers that come to my mind which made me experience the story in …

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Eliza’s Melancholy, A Woman’s Desolation

gb featured

On the occasion of G. B. Shaw’s birthday, who was a remarkable playwright with sharp and often precisely analytic views about the society, here is a poem inspired by one of his characters Eliza Doolittle as a tribute to the phenomenal writer. What is my worth? Contemplating since birth Am …

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Fiction and Escapism


  When the screaming obscenities, I started to hear, I knew that the time was near, And soon I was held close to her bosom as a dear, “With you,” Whispered my owner, “Reality, I need not fear.” – For the love of books — Once upon a time, I …

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Why is Game of Thrones so Popular?

game of thrones

Violence, brutality, unreal, pervy, these are some words that have become almost synonyms to the show Game of thrones, especially among those who don’t follow the plot. Loosely based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, the show is pretty much a rom-com if you compare to …

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Big Fish: Turning Life into a Fiction


On one of our last car trips, near the end of my father’s life as a man, we stopped by a river, and we took a walk to its banks, where we sat in the shade of an old oak tree. After a couple of minutes my father took off …

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When a Calamity Strikes

feature image A

Earth trembled, the lava rose, The world around the bulge in the earth froze! The bulge now red, Predicting the future ahead.   Save your life run! Because everything and everyone in the path will burn It. couldn’t get worse! Now, the clouds have gathered, hiding the sun   Surrender! Because …

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A Night In Novosibirsk

russia featured

I am a straightforward girl with a high level of confidence and guts. I have always been the first person to execute a prank. My friends call me crazy; they say nothing can frighten me. But, they don’t know I get scared by horror movies. I have stayed in a …

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