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7 tips that can help you run an Ultra-Marathon


How to transition from marathoner to ultra runner? Running an ultra marathon is a huge physical challenge. And for the first timer is a very big challenge. Believe me if you successfully complete the distance of 42.198 km, your journey can go ahead beyond that limit also. Once you begin …

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Highlights of the sports action on THC

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1) Gerrard and Pirlo will never be forgotten for their contributions to football As stated in this post, our generation had the privilege of witnessing these two midfield maestros, and to say that they have left an everlasting impression on the sport and its fans is an understatement. 2) Fans …

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5 most fulfilling sporting moments in movies

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United Sport: Football Game Moment: Victory at Wembley after having lost almost the whole team in a plane crash You are just going to love this film whether or not you are a sports enthusiast, whether or not you are a Manchester United fan. No football movie has ever been …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Go Out For a Run Right Now!

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All of us have explored running as a sport in some point of our lives, be it in the fleeting moments of childhood or as a result of a more mature blossoming of the innate desire to experience freedom. Either way, unlike other more complex and extensive sport activities, running …

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The Super-Human Olympics: The Paralympics


“It is not the disability of the body but the disability of the mind that paralyses us” Physical disability always comes with unwanted attention from the people with their eyes full of sympathy. Even though it is a matter of perception, a disabled person is always assumed to be incapable …

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Questionable sports – how ‘sporty’ are they truly?

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Every once in a while, you come across some kind of sport that pushes the boundaries of your understanding. Yes you do understand how it can be a casual sport to be played by vacationers, but you  are not really convinced how it is a professional sport that is being conducted at an international …

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End of the Rafa-Federer era?

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Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal currently ranked 10th in the world has hit rock bottom again. The 14 times grand slam open champion was defeated last by Dustin Brown in the all England club. This was the 4th time that he has been defeated by a player ranked below 100 in …

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Can Steven Smith help Australia rise from the Ashes?

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Australia needs a new leader, a white knight, a torchbearer of success. Is Steven Smith the One? England regain the Ashes Mark Wood to Nathan Lyon – Lyon considers a leave and instead drags down the ball back onto the stumps and England beat Australia by an innings and 78 …

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