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Scope of Technology in Rural India: Digital Empowerment


Rural India is the most ignored yet rawest part of this country. As per data census, there are more than 600,000 villages in India and the development of these villages can bring about the overall development of our nation.  This one reason is why rural development is an integral part …

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Technology: What a Wonder!

Dear me from 2000, Yes, am your grown up self from 2015. You must be shocked to find a mail from your future self. It won’t be such a news to you when I say it took less than a second to send an SMS to Dad that I am gonna …

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The Internet of Things: Where Do We Draw The Line?


“Siri, what’s it like outside?” *bing bing* “Kind of low. It is a moderate 28 degree Celsius with no signs of winds or sunlight in the next two hours.” “What’s my schedule?” *bing bing* “You don’t really have one. Today is a Sunday, the 28th of May that is, a …

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The Enchanted Book: Future of Reading

In the central library at Cubbon Park, on a warm evening, an angry young man, Kishlay, with an absent mind, gazes over the shelves trying to find the appropriate book to read. He stops at the old section of the library; the place with a scent like earth after rain. His eyes land on …

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