About THC Labs

Write for yourself & Earn while at it!

The Holy Connection!

THC Labs is a platform for online publishing that enables writers and trippers to connect amongst themselves, share their thoughts, opinions, musings, and help each other explore and travel deep into the lesser-known and less-thought-about aspects of our lives and everything around us. Moreover, we as writers can also earn through our published articles on THC Labs. This in turn acts as an outlet for anyone out there who has something to say as well as for someone who wants to learn something that the mainstream media seems to be so blatantly avoiding. THC Labs serves as a medium to facilitate complete freedom for people to do their tripping and delve into stuff that actually seems intriguing to them, without the fear of judgment and stigmatization from society, and earn while at it.

With mutual understanding and complete creative freedom, people can have a chance to do their own exploring and present their views in a structured way through the platform that is THC Labs. This exploring can also act as tripping fodder for people all over the globe, who have only been subjected to the tailor-made fear, half-truths and manipulated views that are being propagated by mainstream media in today’s world. THC Labs acts as a beacon for those who have been victimized by the limitations that are being imposed in this age on essential human needs, such as the need to think beyond the box, the need to question norms and pre-existing paradigms, as well as the need for creative freedom on the whole.

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  1. Is it necessary to be a writer to join your trips???
    and what are the mandatory factors?

    • Hey Shivali,
      We are a writing community so it definitely helps to be a writer when you join. We will be exploring other art forms soon, such as Podcasts and music albums, but till then we would be concentrating on writing as an art form.

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