Lavanya Krishna

A Tale of Woe: A Satire on Love

Bent over backwards trying to tame your wildness and failing each time, spectacularly. Finding a way to slot myself into your life even as you exist so casually, allowing me to build myself around you. Without me, you will fall undone and yet, you’re somehow so ashamed of me. My …

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Mother’s Kitchen: The Art of Cooking Selflessly

  Ma hated cooking. Domestic spirits haunted her. She did it, alright. Paper thin dosas on which her words wouldn’t stay Peanut chutney for daddy. Coconut chutney for my sister My motto was “ketchup makes everything better.” Ma didn’t mind. Or we didn’t ask Ma hated cooking. The milk boiling …

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Communication through Music: The World of Visual Sound

Communication is the deliberate conveying of a message, non-verbally or verbally. Everyone communicates. Artists make an effort to communicate with society at large. Musicians are no different. Why music is universally appealing is perhaps because it does something we’re all guilty of doing at some point or the other… It …

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