Mariyam Saigal

The Science Behind Anger

You know that moment when something goes wrong and your amygdala (the structure in your brain that puts your emotions in the driving seat) which is responsible for responding to external stimuli, fires you up by releasing neurotransmitters called catecholamine which fills you with energy and builds you up for …

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The Science Behind Hiccups

Ever caught your phrenic nerves getting irritated by various reasons that causes your diaphragm to spasm which makes you take short breaths and then it is obstructed by the closing of epiglottis? What I mean is, do you catch yourself to be the victim of hiccups often? Of course, we …

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The Science behind Jealousy

Let it be Nick Jonas or I, we all at some point have experienced that suffocating feeling; jealousy. It is an emotion that is frowned upon, however scientifically proven it’s a natural tendency in every human. The more in tune you are with your emotions, the more you’ll feel jealous …

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