Pritha Sur

A scientific mind. A lover of words. A keeper of old letters and photos. Somewhere in Mumbai, on the laptop, sipping coffee and being a match-maker between my words and thoughts.

Fertility & Femininity: SEED Saviours

“Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world.” (Jewish saying derived from Mishna, Pirkel Avot 1:2) From times immemorial, farmers and agriculture have continued to be the heart of India’s economy. Before the Green Revolution changed the face of Indian agriculture in 1960s, farmers did not always have …

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Night’s cloak Can’t hide the sun Peering through the holes You call stars. Night’s cloak Can’t hide the moon Stirring emotional tides You call mirror. Objects in mirror Are closer than they appear. So does the sky, so do the stars We all shine. We all burn.

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Phonetics of Silence

In your fragile language of love Crown me the vowels in your alphabets And I will shape your words Words that when spoken Spoken words when heard Heard words when understood Understood words when felt Felt words when remembered Will break your walls of silence

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Dam(n)ed Soul

My words are like water Harmlessly drunk by all Satiating the lonely thirst Cooling the parched souls But this water wished To become one with your ocean. Alas, these very words scared you And fearing the forceful flow, You walled your soul. Silly of you so I just laughed, For …

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