Syeda Huzaifa

How are you doing, Pluto?: An Update from the Yonder

Most people think of space as some distant, irrelevant place – a setting for sci-fi movies and astronauts, but one that has nothing to with our actual lives. Seen in this light, visiting a new dwarf planet isn’t particularly meaningful and exciting. But this isn’t the right way to see …

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The Science Behind Addiction

Everybody is victim to addiction in one way or another. The word originates itself from the term used in ancient Roman for ‘enslaved by’ or ‘bound to’. Addiction is the habitual psychological or physiologic dependence on a substance or practice that is beyond voluntary control. This behavioral becomes serious and …

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Caneola: An Oasis in a Flavorless World

I thought I would finish whatever I had to do before it got unbearably hot. But alas! I had not taken into account the hurdle that was to come before me that day. Every step threw me behind schedule. At noon, worn-out, hot and miserable, I still found myself on …

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