Legal Highs of the World

High on Running

  After one hour of strength training, my whole body was sore. I looked at my hands to notice they were shivering. It seemed like increasing the weights by 5 pounds was not a good idea after all. The question of cardio came to my mind. Without a proper cardio, …

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High on Thoughts

Why am I so frozen..? To such acerbic thoughts Of constant demeanour that lay… The world is but to talk Over the unspoken rot Dejection I say, but time and again fall prey to it If only I knew how to sing…. the unbarred glory of thyself Before the dawn …

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You were Born High

Disclaimer: Anything that is written here is based on research and you can find a few links at the bottom of the article that’ll open your mind. Recently I found myself fascinated by the world of drugs with Harshitha’s article on Marijuana and with a certain amount of research I was …

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