The Dance of Gravity: Pluto and Charon

The recent news as well as the images from NASA’s New Horizons mission has shown us a lot of aspects of Pluto and its “family” which were previously obscured from reality. These include beautiful information related to the terrain and topography of Pluto’s surface, its predicted internal seismological activity and …

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In-Extremis: Microbes

Life came into existence one billion years after Earth’s formation when the crust cooled enough and gases were formed. Hydrothermal vents acted as a cradle for Earth’s life. And it is a well-accepted theory that single-celled ‘archaea’ were the very first organisms on Earth. Let me introduce first the term …

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Star Trip #1: Birth to Youth

Where are stars born? Stars are born in Stellar Nurseries which are basically huge clouds of gas & dust. Light cannot penetrate the stellar nurseries & we do not know what exactly happens there. But there is some information that is being given to the stars here before they are …

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