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The Incredible Media: Who’s the Inventor?

Don’t trust the media. You have heard that enough times already. The thought that newspapers, television or the internet are authentic sources of information is an idea that influences a vast majority of people.  Well, I am not going to lecture you about how news is deceiving you and how …

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Bracing for the Worst and the Coup that Wasn’t

Like many other coups, the one in Turkey last Friday had failure written all over it, right from the moment it began. There was no serious attempt to seize power or muzzle the administration, no leader ready to take over the cudgels, no communication between the plotters, no propaganda over …

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The Sanctioned Disease: The Water Scarcity in Latur

Water is one of the most treasurable gifts that nature has provided to mankind. All living things consist mostly of water. Nearly about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and about 75% of the human body comprises of water, indicating that water is the prime component needed for sustaining …

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The Birth of a Killer: How are Psychopaths formed?

Surrounded by bloggers, this recent event in the news scared me to the depths of hell. It made me reevaluate the psychopathic tendencies anyone can possess, even a teenage blogger like Ashelee Martinson. With her entertaining pieces of poetry, she is now sentenced to 12 years prison, and will start her bout of prison …

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How are you doing, Pluto?: An Update from the Yonder

Most people think of space as some distant, irrelevant place – a setting for sci-fi movies and astronauts, but one that has nothing to with our actual lives. Seen in this light, visiting a new dwarf planet isn’t particularly meaningful and exciting. But this isn’t the right way to see …

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