15 Tips for the Woman Entrepreneur to get started

Women entrepreneurship is on the rise in India with growing urbanization and empowerment of women . Lately, their power is also being reflected in the startup scenario. With untamed exuberance, perseverance and spirit to knock stars out of the sky, women entrepreneurs are striving success in a  male dominated, ego-centered Indian society.

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Start a business that works for you and fits with your personal life.

There are no rules as to what a “real” business looks like. For some women entrepreneurs, success might mean an international operation with hundreds of employees and annual revenues in the tens of millions. For others, a small consulting firm or artisan business that pays a healthy salary and allows generous personal freedom might be considered the pinnacle of success. The key is to take the time early in the planning process to consider this question and decide for yourself what your ideal vision is for your business and your personal life..

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Energize yourself-

A startup will be brimming with the synergy of growth and progress only when you yourself cultivate and culminate the driving force; the energy in yourself. Consider your start-up as a part of your own being, which has to be worked upon, nurtured, strengthened, and developed in order for it to flourish. If you want your start-up to grow, you will have to grow with it.

Surround yourself with those who believe in your product

In a society which is conditioned with manipulative people, de-motivators or even those who are stocked with endless baseless suggestions, you will find yourself getting distracted, discouraged during the course. Find and be in a company of those who understand you and only push you towards your goal.

Search for a problem

Build a business around a problem that you know needs to be solved and that you are passionate about fixing or making better.

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Be a game changer by thinking outside the box and start new and innovative endeavors that will set you apart from the competition

An idea is the core of a startup. A business model has to be built around an idea which is so unique and innovative that it has never been brought  into the market.

Research the product/ service- 

First decide whether you have to be a product manufacturer, or a service provider, or both. Study and research the product/service by getting complete insights into its technical knowledge, designing and product optimization.

Find the market- 

Your startup has to be B2B (business to business ) or B2C( business to consumer). Know your market and do market research of your product/service by knowing your competitors and potential customer.

Have a clear vision of where you’re headed-

In spite of being with a right product at the right time, it is possible that the start-up is not progressing and achieving desired targets.The reason is simple, we are putting our energy and time into tasks which are short visioned. Have a long- term plan and follow an agenda to have a clear vision where you are heading to.

Start business with adequate funds-

Look forward to funding from private equity/venture capitals or other investors who are ready to invest in your start-up. You can also go for a some online crowd-funding platform for your start-up if it focuses on some dimension regarding society and community.

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Consult with people who have experience-

Guidance, inspiration and assistance from someone with expertise in the related start-up is an integral aspect of  the start-up process. Consult such people who can help you and your start-up grow exponentially

Taking action versus being paralyzed by plans, models, presentations-

Though planning, thinking, structuring plays an integral part during a starting process, but just don’t be a thinker or planner. Get started, in the end the victory is only for those who implement and bring ideas into action.

Surround yourself with those who know how to do the things you do not, always have a plan B even if you never need it, and understand asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness.

Network like a social butterfly — it is one of the best ways to market your business and create profitable opportunities.

Networking involves actively cultivating relationships with people, businesses, community leaders, and others who present possible opportunities for your business — not just as potential customers, but also as vendors, partners, investors, or other roles. Remember, networking is not the same thing as sales! Rather than the simple goal of making a sale, a huge goal of networking is to inform other business-people and influential people about what you do in hopes that they will recommend your business to their circle of contacts.

Get really good at time management-

Time is the most important entity. Learn to make best of every second, optimize your resources, you the technology to save time. In this highly competitive business economy, you will have an edge over other startups if you bring your idea into action faster than your counterparts.

Take the time to plan to help alleviate fears that may be holding you back

Space out and analyze those fears which are holding you back. Talk to family members and friends who can often give you mental support to alleviate fears. The more you work on your fears  more you will be able to see the change in the external world as well. You will be more open to take risks, more willing to face challenges and more enthusiastic towards the future.

Don’t be afraid to start a new chapter of your life and stick to your core values.

Start a new chapter in life, take risks and strive to solve a problem that you have been personally facing or have seen others face. Solving of that problem should be for higher purposes. Make it the basic aim of your start up so that not only you but everyone around you is benefitted as well. The basic point is to convert a personal problem into a solution for a larger community.

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