Science Behind Emotions and How they Affect the World Around You

The world around human beings does two things which are responsible for causing the flow of emotions through a person. One, is the external events happening around the person round the clock, causing one or the other emotions to fire off the handle, like the boss going on a rage fit at work, a comedy artist telling a good joke in a TV -Show causing a powerful bout of laughter, a loud clanking sound emanating from kitchen in the post-midnight hour causing an emotion of fear and so on. The other thing responsible for the generation of emotions includes the train of thoughts arising in the brain shell of the person. When the person is awake; all the time, different thoughts are crossing the mind. Simultaneously, when the person is sleeping, thoughts are still getting generated through the sub-conscious part of the mind, even during the sleeping state. A tinge of the emotions left behind from your subconscious can be felt immediately when you wake up, which can also give you an idea about the dreams that you just had.

Our brain has a factory of self-produced brain-chemicals that are capable of turning our life struggles into happy feelings like, blessed, rewarded, winner and so on, once we achieve our desired goals, out of struggle. These brain-chemicals are; Endocannabinoids for bliss, Dopamine for reward, Oxytocin for bonding, Endorphins for pain–killing, GABA for anti-anxiety, Serotonin for confidence and Adrenaline for energy.

The way in which different emotions arise within us can be defined by the various pathways as well as the concentrations that the brain chemicals inside our head take in order to create a particular state of mind. On the other hand, these emotions also form a constant feedback loop with our external environment, owing to which there is a considerable degree of reflection that occurs within your internal emotional state and the external environment as a whole. At the same time, what we as humans need to observe is the reasons why the internal emotional state within us changes and the inherent reasons behind the effect that the emotional state itself has on our external environment. This is when we starting seeing a pattern of likes, dislikes, combinations and other stuff about ourselves that we may not even have known to exist within us.

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The most important aspect here is that emotions have a charge of their own, which is in turn reflected in the world around us whenever that particular emotion takes residence within us. This emotion may be picked up by people around you who inherently resonate with the same type of emotion, causing an amplification of the same. This could alter the way you look at the environment and can also cause inherent changes in the physical reality that you perceive, such as your relationships, your journeys, your ventures and so on.

One of the most important aspects that we as humans or “animals” in general, need to understand is that we need to embrace our emotions instead of trying to master them or control them, be it positively or negatively charged. This is when one can actually understand or rather “feel” the process of emoting or flowing with your internal compass of emotions.

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