The Science Behind Love

How awesome would it be to have a formula for making people fall in love? Turns out that there is a quantifiable explanation for how love actually happens. So let’s dive into the science behind this complex and often frustrating phenomenon.

The brain has a part/segment called the hypothalamus that produces dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin, all of which are really vital components for making people fall in love. The Hippocampus, medial insula and the anterior cingulate cortex are the parts which all combine and release a hormone that induces a sense of reward and LOVE!!

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So to put it right, there are like 5 important scientific aspects required to be followed in order to fall in love:

  1. The hypothalamus releases dopamine every time you see that babe/dude, this develops a lot of feelings like excitement, fear, confusion and a few butterflies in your tummy
  2. As dopamine increases serotonin decreases, serotonin is the bitch responsible for the loss of sleep and appetite.
  3. Now as dopamine starts the infection you develop something called the “Nerve Growth Factor”, NGF directly relates to the intensity of the romantic feelings, people who are in long-term relationships eventually develop a decreased level of NGF.
  4. Now the hypothalamus doesn’t just house dopamine, it also shelters oxytocin and vasopressin. These are responsible for inducing the feeling of commitment and in times of extreme moments, like an orgasm, these dudes dive into your bloodstream. These dudes play a major role in the success of a relationship
  5. Once all this are mixed in a jar in all the right quantities and are stirred to a suitable temperature, that is when a beautiful dish called love is prepared and usually served hot!

So much for science, love and the brain.

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