2500 CE: Teleportation and a Christmas in Heaven

Let me tell you a story

When I once teleported my body

From a big, squeaky, dark cell

Applied blue, smelly, cold gel.


My mad uncle invented it

When I was just a kid

One day he told me –

Kid, behold the Teleporto.

After years of backbreaking research

I saw him turning on the machine

All high and dancing in caffeine.

It revved and squealed like a pig

And a few gaudy lights blinked

Like the Christmas in heaven.


“Step back,” he screamed in delight,

Gestured to go away.

I had a bunny in my hands when

The bright blue light shone so bright,

Wavered and flickered and BOOM BASH –

And uncle was not there!


The gel smelled stinky

As I stepped up to the platform

In strange desires and pride.

I pressed the button and

Hoped to enjoy the ride.

It vibrated, smoked, sparked,

It hurt, bled and pained a lot.

I got vanished.


Now, I don’t understand the notion

Why do people want to set

Their world in utter commotion?

Of all the people he met,

Was it an urgency to get self-teleported?

And he never returned- my uncle.


Quantum disturbances were high

As I got sucked up in the gel

All I could remember was

That awful crude smell.

“Hello kid,” the voice said.“I presume,

You must be drained and tired.”

How blissful I was as he did know,

“Uncle, was it the gel we fired?”

And he explained the notion

Of being teleported

It was the same cell

Big, whiny and crimson red.


“I did not only invent

Teleporto,  but also something else.

“A replicated world with same dimensions,

Same life, breath and pulse.”


“Parallel universe!” I gasped.

“Yes,” his eyes shone.

“I’ve been Waiting for you for years.”

And he Danced like a madman I’ve ever seen.


So we pranced around till dawn

In the cells, in the patio and the lawn,

It was the science we happily gored

Together, the strange world we explored.


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