4 Videos that will tell what the Dark Web is all about

In an age where  Facebook, Google and other multi-million dollar giants control every ounce of information that we as users consume on the World Wide Web, there is a singularity in terms of privacy and security as a whole. The very basic aspect that we as users are failing to see is that our freedom on the Internet is very limited.

What if I told you there exists a huge amount of information, so gargantuan in nature that the information we have access to is just the tip of the iceberg. This information is within our access, but is virtually unseen to us in our everyday lives as we blindly search the annals of Facebook and Twitter for the next best celebrity profile picture or status update.

There is a deep, dark place on the Internet, where the true essence of freedom is realized. Here, you have the freedom to do whatever you want to, without any limits to the kind of information that you can access. But, is complete and utter freedom actually good for us?

These videos will give you a short glimpse of the gruesome yet tantalizing wonderland that lies beyond the veil of everyday social media networking sites and Google. Welcome to the Dark Web:

As seen in the above video, the Dark Web has a lot of booming black markets, such as those for drugs, guns and even assassins. On the other hand, the Dark Web also acts as a safe haven for individuals who want privacy and want to steer away from the ever-watching eyes of authorities during their day-to-day social interactions on online platforms.

On the other hand, freedom comes with a huge responsibility, one that has been misused blatantly on the Dark Web. There are several websites that cater to nefarious and malicious content, such as distribution of snuff films, child pornography, forums for serial killers and so on. Check it out:

As you can see, freedom more than often comes at a terrible price is misused. The Dark Web is rife with such websites which cater to sadistic and hedonistic content. There have been several people who have gained access to the Dark Web and found themselves in dire circumstances owing to the sheer power that the Dark Web networks hold over the lives of those who choose to use it blatantly or foolishly. Here’s some of the things you should know about the Dark Web before you go about messing with it in your hormone driven overconfidence:


Lastly, there is no particular categorization that can be enforced upon the Deep Web as a whole and labelling it as “illegal” or “anti-social” would be underestimating the inherent power of freedom that comes with the access to the Dark Wen. Let’s just understand that the Dark Web is the primitive core of the Internet, a place where the raw desires and basic instincts of human kind run wild and free. If one sees this from a wide-eyed perspective, without getting bogged down by the sheer immensity of decadence, an individual who knows hiw way around the Dark Web can have quite a bit of productive fun.

So, are ready to take the plunge into the deepest, darkest recesses of the Internet?

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