5 YouTube videos to make you poop your pants

When the sun is shining and there are worldly sounds around you, and you have been at home for hours surviving on YouTube, you tend to be brave in your choices of videos you want to watch.

But then ..

When the light begins to change
I sometimes feel a little strange
A little anxious when it’s dark. 


If that was not enough to give you an idea of what’s coming, let me just say it in terms that you might understand- NSFW!

Let’s get on with it:

1) Diaper Disaster : Death, torture, disappearances, serial killers…that’s the things Rob Dyke likes to talk about. Without further ado, please scare yourself with this

I want you to figure out how he chats up females? Maybe “I always wanted to find a girl who’d wanted to suffocate” is a good ice breaker.

2) Nerdy Nightmares: Jake adds another gem to Vsauce2, delving into the fictional world of the video game ‘The Last of Us’ and makes our reality seem so fragile.

I guess you will have a lot more fun watching the next zombie movie.

3) Biological Bum-bardiers: Matthew Santoro is such a nice guy. It’s just that he has some different tastes (similar to Rob Dyke). Witness him infusing wit and charm into a narration of some of the most horrible diseases you can imagine (of course there is no cure for them in place)

All those in favour of a single bullet through the head say ‘Aye’!

4) Cold-sweat Catastrophe: It’s wonderful that everything has become so ‘hi-tech’ now. We have computers everywhere so we can control so many things and that is such a reassuring feeling.

All of this is a lie, tell them MatPat (Part 1 & 2 counts as one video for me)

The next time your parents tell you that games don’t teach you about ‘real life’, well I guess you have an answer.

5) Alarming AI: Of course, how could I not share my weekly bout of psychological tremors arising out of well founded ‘AI-phobia’ (didn’t bother to find if there is a word for it). Joe gives us a sobering warning, we could really be in ‘The Matrix’ by 2060 (unless we are in it already)

Well I’m hoping Joe and the like will also save our ass, that’s all I can hope for.

The only way I can soothe sour senses now is with some more Godliness

Watching horror films the night before
Debating witches and folklore
The unknown troubles on your mind
Maybe your mind is playing tricks
You sense,and suddenly eyes fix
On dancing shadows from behind.

We will be exploring each of these channels in depth in future articles…till next time!

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