A Preview of the Randomness Ahead

When you look up from your laptops and your smartphones, and just take a moment to breathe in the air and the immense beauty of the world around you; that is when you realize that you are smack-dab in the middle of the randomness of reality. Once you leave all your judgments, opinions and your views about the world behind, you will observe that you are right in the middle of the chaos of everyday life. Once you get over this chaos and pandemonium, the myriad sounds and hordes of sensory stimuli that bombard your senses, you will notice the beauty amidst the dissonance.

What better way to explore this randomness than through the format of listicles. Through the week, we would answering questions like these in the form of lists;

Ever wondered about how a schizophrenic patient views the world?

Ever wondered about the way in which computer games can affect your reality?

Ever wondered about why society views menstruation as a sign of impurity?

Ever wondered about how your bowel movements affect your moods and behaviors?

Ever wondered how art can be a way of life if everyone can embrace it?

Ever wondered about the different forms of empathy that we possess?

Ever wondered about the different psychic abilities that we all possess and can harness?

Ever wondered how we can reach levels of awareness by harnessing our inner powers?

Ever wondered about the different secret societies that are said to be controlling our every thought and action?

Ever wondered about the experiments which prove reality itself is an illusion?

Ever wondered about the different dimensions which we can visit by expanding our consciousness?

That is when you understand and comprehend the sheer amount of things that we just ignore in our everyday lives, the unseen and the lesser-known aspects of ourselves and the reality which we embody. It is an opportune moment to ask ourselves how much we actually know about this world and the vast fabric of time and space that we are a part of. Let us address this aspect through this week by coming together and exploring the unknown and ignored aspects of the immense randomness that we are a part of.

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