Reestablishing the Community Radio

Who in the world even listens to the radio, except for those bored drivers and fancy auto rickshaw waalas? I mean, what’s the purpose of it in the world where the internet is worshiped? Radios stream mainstream songs, celebrity gossip, and those repetitive advertisements, which are annoying as hell. Gone are the days when its sole purpose was creating awareness.

Wait, or is it? What if I told you there exists a community radio which strives and struggle to fulfill this very purpose? Chill, I am not going to bore you with a patriotic speech.

With mainstream songs and what not streaming on your favorite channel on radio (while driving), I introduce to you a community radio, Radio Jamia 90.4. Which not only trains students for program presentation and gives them technical knowledge but also provides an opportunity to students to explore their raw talent and get the recognition they deserve.


The concept of a community radio isn’t something new as it originated about 50 years ago in Latin America.

The Anna University was the first to start such a kind of community radio, but the Jamia Millia Islamia took it to a whole new level and established an outstanding platform.

It’s an unconventional and an innovative community, redefining the very purpose of listening to radio in India. It carries with it the real essence of democratization. It is people the oriented platform that functions on fulfilling the cause of serving the public with beneficial as well as entertaining content. Taking into consideration different sections of the society, it delivers something appealing to every type of audience, making it the one-stop destination for listeners. There are interviews, debates, Vox-pop (Voice of the People), educational, and technical programs, and songs written by students. Famous singers, Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh, Mehdi Hasan, Munni Begum, Abid Parveen, Nayyara Noor and Ghulam Ali, have been featured on the radio. It doesn’t stream the mainstream music and gives an opportunity to the youth. The listeners visit the studio to encourage these artists! The studio is open to people who want to visit it and raise concerns and share views.


The channel’s soul language is Urdu, but English and Hindi is also welcome. With naats, hamd, and manqabat, they have a show for every type of audience. To get in touch with your *cough* moral values tune into, Fikr-o-Nazar. Next time, when your grandmother frowns at your headphones, you can make her listen to this show. Those diehard fans of sports have 15 mins reserved for them, where you can get the latest sports news. Those in the hunt for a job, specifically those freshly out of college, can tune into ‘Education Zone’ to check on the latest employment opportunities and admissions in universities and institutions. Take a tour of the campus; their day-to-day activities are covered on a weekly program, Jamia Nama.

This community radio doesn’t broadcast content regarding religion and politics. To all those potential women out there who desire to conquer the world, this channel has a special program which broadcasts fortnightly, Parwaz, the content revolving around female empowerment. For the future of our country, I mean kids, there’s a weekly program called ‘Honhar.’

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It started with 60 minutes on weekdays, gradually shifting to 3 hours. Live programs are also covered in this duration. The first shift is in the morning from 10 am to 1 pm, and the second shift is 2 pm to 5 pm. Now, no need to be in the 10-kilometer radius to listen to this radio anymore, you can tune in from anywhere as the Jamia Radio Community has launched the radio on the internet.

Diving into the world probabilities and possibilities this community radio if given a chance to broadcast 24 hours can do wonders. Collaborating with other institutions, it can break the boundaries and spread across the nation with more scope for innovation. Different languages, cultures, communities can merge to create an ever-growing community of people who aim to reestablish the supremacy of the radio!

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