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 EntrepreneurA wave of startups and entrepreneurs has hit the world by storm. Startups are a dream of most of those people who are tired of their daily monotonous routine. Startups have revolutionized the way entrepreneurs think and have been established to show the impact that even a small idea can have on the face of the industry.

However, many entrepreneurs create a business model and don’t know the tricks of the trade. Startup nation is here to help with an online portal that is designed to guide growing and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to build their own business. It contains intriguing articles on how to launch and maintain your startup.

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Some of the articles are – The Art of Business, Bootstrapping your Business and even a topic like Life Outside of Work. The topics explain in a clear manner what are the necessities for becoming an entrepreneur. They also explain how to think clearly and what topics you need to concentrate on for success in entrepreneurship. There are numerous suggestions on how to proceed with building your startup from ground zero. The key activities, customer relations, and cost structures are explained in a simple and cohesive manner. These topics are written through experience and observation. There are also self-explanatory pictures explaining the content that the writer is trying to convey. The site contains myth-busters that help in understanding the current topics and how people interpret such topics.

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There are topics on the site that offer tips to new and enthusiastic entrepreneurs about how to bootstrap one’s company, how to pitch your startup to the media and even how to find a purpose in life. It has a vibrant community of business owners and entrepreneurs who share advice, offer counseling, and stimulates debates; the best resource is to hear it from the person itself, who has a variety of experience with startups and entrepreneurship.

Startup Nation also has a radio channel for radio lovers to tune into. One can tune in online as well to hear inspirational talks of people who have done extraordinary work in their fields and the stories of people rising up from rags to riches. Jeff Sloan, the lead host is usually joined by his brother and business partner Rich Sloan. Being entrepreneurs, they talk on the matter with wisdom and passion for entrepreneurship.

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There are topics for growing and managing your business by taking hybrid approaches instead of an all or nothing approach. One can get tools to jumpstart our business and has videos for beginners as well as the experienced ones. If you already have a business, this site will show you a way of transitioning your business to the cloud, i.e. on an external server as most of the business models are cloud-based. Topics such as Colour Psychology, Social Media Interaction, and even tips for a Digital Marketing Campaign help entrepreneurs better their strategy towards creating a business model.


Founded by brothers, Rich and Jeff Sloan back in 2002, the community has seemed to grow with over 250,000 pages, and over 3 Million visitors. The dynamics are only enhancing as we move forward.

Startup Nation has proven to be a great portal for increasing one’s knowledge about startups provides practical and quality methods for creating and enhancing your business.

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