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What does it mean to be creative?

To do something differently? To create your stuff, or have your own way around things? To bring into existence something that’ll leave people in awe? A new and a unique way?
Well, it doesn’t matter what we make of it but what we take from it. What do you think is creativity? How do you utilize this energy?

You don’t have to create a masterpiece out of towels or a whole new language for the matter. Creativity can be a part of your routine or must I say, can simply not be routine – mixing up your route to work or wrapping that scarf in a new knot!

At this very moment, there are a billion people around the world expending their creativity in all possible dimensions – someone brushing strokes on tiles, someone drumming on a tabla, someone creating gardens out of threads or someone making poetry out of their dreams. And what happens to all of this energy that we exhaust on a daily basis? Where does it all go? But hey, we share; we do share. We share with our family, or friends or make a whole video on it so that the whole world can know. Almost.

However, even though we try hard, we can’t make our creativity available to all corners, to all people around the world. And then, there are the ones who don’t want to share, for whom their work is their brainchild, their baby. Well yes, your work is unique, original and it’s yours but, what’s the point of it when it’s not out there for people- for people to modify, re-modify and play with. Isn’t that what every seed of creativity is meant for- to share, experience and get the best out of.

To make this job even simpler for you is – Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization which enables the free sharing of creative and original material through free legal tools. Creative Commons acts as the middle man between you and your audience by providing you with their self-devised copyright.


The traditional copyright demands your approval at any kind of usage of your work, making a fuss out of the whole process. On the other hand, Creative Commons lets you choose what kind of restrictions you want to put on the use of your work. The licenses offered vary on the basis of who and what you want area you want to create your work for – commercial purposes, redistribution, modification, etc. Now you may say that this kind of open network sharing will snatch away your recognition as the original creator of the piece, but let me tell you that all the types of licenses available come with the precondition that the original credit remains with you solely (yes, crediting the creator is absolutely necessary). At the same time, through Creative Commons you can make the world your canvas, by gathering the creative energies of people from all parts of the world who would be willing to contribute to your idea.


This works to the advantage of not just the creator of the piece but, also all its users. Skipping all the hassle of finding and requesting a permit for the material’s usage, you get to find it all at a commonplace such as this. All you need is a click of a button to find all these products of creativity at your doorstep or might I say, inbox.
Widening its works to other spheres, the organizations have also introduced the same in the field of education, scientific researches, and public policies; enabling its access and transparency all around the globe. As of today, The American Council of Education, NASA, Wikipedia, Google; all have been valuable customers of the Creative Commons enterprise; benefiting from all the works they’ve collected from people like you and me.

Creative Commons reintroduces us to sharing in today’s individualistic society, bringing it to us in a way which works to everyone’s benefit. Its principle is rooted in the need of not a struggle but a snuggle for survival. With its initiative, it has created a whole business based on sharing- the very tenet of any community. And where has this community got its members from- the everyday internet users!

Looking for a membership? Well, then start your journey at

Spread your idea or grab one you like!

Happy Sharing to you!

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