Gender: Origins and Evolution- What’s all the Buzz about?

What if after the rains it’s the white light making an arch and not the seven colors of the rainbow? What if the moon always appeared round and not in its different phases? What if all the flowers were roses? What if all the seasons were same and so were their names? Uniformity is accepted, but diversity is cherished. The beauty of differences is a celebration in itself. Men and Women are the two finest creations of nature and the differences they depict do not link to any form of inequality but unravel the depth and diversity of creation.

Sex and Gender are two concepts that have been often misunderstood. The two concepts are extremely different in their origin and perception. Let us unravel the mystery of gender roles and the shackles it has imposed upon every individual in the society.

Gender socialization has not only chained women but has also limited the perception toward men. The need to look beyond the set dimensions to explore one from within and not on the basis of the expectations imposed by the society is the emerging path.

We are exploring a new era to find out whether sex, gender, and society are anymore needed to discover one’s existence.

Why inequalities amongst the sexes have overshadowed the beauty of the difference amongst them?

Here is a crazy drive that can relate to all of us, leaving us in wonder about our sex, gender as well as the desire to get rid of all the lines drawn on this basis.

Let us embrace the beauty within us.

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  1. Ya there are lot of misconceptions existing around us which are to be clear in the society

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