Gender: The Stealthy Tool of Control

Our society is a packaging factory, keen on classifying humanity in

Definite boxes and labeling them.

The very minute a baby is born, its gender carves out half of its future out on the side of its crib.

Commandments are handed out at every stage of life.

How the value of a woman is aesthetic like a decorative flower,

And how the man must be tough like a rock with no hint of emotions.

It is you and I that get caught in the bounds of these commandments,

People who are both flower and rock in parts yet neither in whole but something in between.

Every thought, every wish and every intention behind each breath is stuffed in this uniformly sized box,

Till a person gets suffocated.

For the personalities that spill out are brutally cut off.

These isolated boxes are at the core of the cracks in humanity we find today.

Separating the species by gender, we draw a line between humanity and compassion.

A line at the edge of which numerous horrors occur.

For humanity without compassion is a nightmare beyond our every imagination.

It is only by linking other humans, male or female,

Black or white, rich or poor, young or old with one another;

Do we unite humanity to defend the only line that matters: the one between good and evil

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