Into the Brain: How deep are you willing to go?

In this series, we will journey into the deepest recesses of one of the most unexplored yet relatively popular enigmas of all time: the human brain.

Just how deep do you think the implications of this squishy mass of interconnected cells and fluids are?

As we travel into the inner realms of this organ, we come to understand that it is more like an ecosystem that a machine, one that is self-sustained and so intricately designed that it can be related with every single aspect of reality itself.

Just to give you a hint of the journey that is to come, here are some of the pages in the book of the brain that we would be skimming through in the coming week:

  • Venturing into the neural rainforest and interacting with the neural fauna
  • Exploring the various regions of the brain, with our emotional compass driving us
  • Entering the realm of light, through the nerve impulses as we skim through the body
  • Exploring the memory maze as we tread the line between the mind and the brain
  • Conjuring up reality through the lens of the mind
  • Understanding the tesselating patterns of our mind in the external world
  • Acknowledging the vast brain within which we live; the Universe itself!

By the end of the journey, you are sure to experience a paradigm shift; one that will cause you to look at reality from a completely new perspective.

Be prepared for the intensity as there is no turning back once you have entered the vast neural ecosystem, of which you are unknowingly already a part of.

It’s time to dig deep, explore and acknowledge the unfathomable depths of the human brain.

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