IT in startups: A friend or a foe?

Information Technology has reduced distances and made world a perpetual bubble. It travels at the speed of light and has reduced distances giving the illusion that this magnanimous earth is quite a small dimension. It has connected everyone from everywhere. All of us are a part of this world wide web where everything is connected in an implausible algorithm, to form a domain of correlation, synchronicity and inter linking.


Its an apprehensive dream to imagine our lives without internet. Information Technology (IT) has governed the humanity of this era and when we reminisce over our 21st generation lives, we end up with a realization that we are all wired. Abhishek Doshi, co-founder of Gridle (, admits that the Internet is like electricity. Electricity revolutionized the world in 19th century and IT is revolutionizing this century.

IT has essentially transformed the current business world almost beyond recognition in the past few decades. Let us delve into how this bubble of interconnectivity has morphed our young entrepreneurs and has assisted them to reach the pinnacle of success in their startups.

“IT has significantly reduced the cost of marketing” says Bansari Kamdar, founder of The Social Bridge ( “Not everyone can afford advertising their products in a newspaper”. IT has proved to be an asset for startups with less or inadequate seed funding. It gives the startups a platform to unravel their innovative products and services at an almost negligible cost. Websites and mobile applications are a tribune for these startups to reach to a wider range of customers. IT is attributed as a major contributory factor towards the success of startups that rise from scrap to billion dollar unicorns.


Abhishek Doshi, explains further “Let us say you are selling a product and that there is another person or a company selling a similar product at the same cost. It is possible to generate more profit if you are acquainted with the know-hows of customer database and can exploit tools like search engine optimization to leverage your outreach. That’s the power of IT”

Internet has reduced our time of operation, with communication happening at the speed of light. Bansari Kamdar adds to the idea saying, “Technology is a factor that promotes growth.” She validates her point by adding “I need not learn coding to make a website. On IT driven platforms like WordPress, even a neophyte can make a website”

“Internet is like a magic wand” enunciated Ritam Bhatnagar, founder of wWhere ( “You can create what you want. The platform is right there in front of you. It is up to you how you tap into the platform, and optimize your startup”. Further stressing on the concept of IT as a responsibility rather than an asset, he added, that out of every 1000 startups in India, 9980 fail, even though they are blessed with best technologies”

Sneh Bhavsar, founder of OoWomaniya ( believes that there are three essential tools for any startup: Internet, GPS and data management. ”A startup can build on these tools and they are definitely necessary”, he adds, ”however these tools are not sufficient for the overall development. Deploying right technology, optimizing resources, integrating with others, market survey of the products, team buildup among others actually determine the success of a startup”. There is lot of work beyond the backyard of website and technology.

Mr. Savan Godiawala rightly concluded, ”Startups seemingly have become the new jargon of business, creative and high-profile, but the basic principles of business retain their core dimension. Startup is nothing but an organized way of doing business rather than an unstructured, raw form of entrepreneurship which has prevailed for decades. Technology is ultimately just a support function of any business.”


There had been, there are and there will be entrepreneurs who can reach the epitome of success even if they are untouched by IT. The core of entrepreneurship, startups or anything in life depends on the perseverance, the passion and the vision to grow to the greatest heights. It is that force which transcends over everything.

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