You were Born High

Disclaimer: Anything that is written here is based on research and you can find a few links at the bottom of the article that’ll open your mind.

Recently I found myself fascinated by the world of drugs with Harshitha’s article on Marijuana and with a certain amount of research I was pulled towards it. Maybe just trying once. The issue that was raised in my mind was, are drugs halaal or haraam? Because the historical facts gave me a complete new perspective about drugs and fatwas told me it was haraam. Well, anyway coming back to my story.


 Drugs were considered a boon not a bane, unlike today, where drugs andthe-12-worst-drugs-to-get-addict junkies are condemned. I came across people who told me the entire experience and how it was truly remarkable. I was even offered, but I am not someone who is easily convinced. And I wasn’t easily convinced where just a fatwa or a ban from the government could stop me to from doing something. Research led to conflict and I couldn’t help but acknowledge the existence of drugs and their productive use. Junkies have told how it can also lead to spiritual enlightenment as well.

However addiction is lingering down the lane and I never tried because I didn’t want to be addicted to something to get high. Writing did that for me, just like Arshi’s article. Yet, I hate the fact that I am dependent on words, I am controlled by grammar and my high is limited due to writing only in one language.



I always told one of my junkie friends, I don’t want to be dependent on anything external to get a high. I want to be high without drugs. And I wanted something natural, something that is internal, something that I have been doing since I was a baby and wasn’t programmed into becoming who I am. I know it’s a little too demanding but I found the natural way!

 No I am not talking about honey being infused with marijuana or honey bees sucking nectar out of marijuana and making honey. I am not talking about sex either.

The one thing that I have been doing since I came into the world…

That is breathing. Before you close this tab, muttering what crap this is, read how breathing can make you high.  Believe it or not but trying it will certainly do the trick into you practising it.Keep-calm-and-Breathe-257x300


Becoming conscious of how you are breathing, the act of breathing slowly, deeply and purposefully has proven to be the most convenient alternative to me, because, running, exercise, yoga and sex are not my cup of tea.

Colin Kim, a fitness instructor, and a yoga practitioner recommends taking 3 minutes of your day and sitting down with uncrossed legs while placing your hands on your knees, and close your eyes while rolling them up slightly.

Make the decision to relax completely and then slowly inhale through the nose until your lungs itch and exhale through the mouth as though you were fogging a mirror,” he says.

Repetition of 10 cycles per day daily will get “a natural and sustainable high” as promised by Kim.

It’s not a coincidence that various different types of meditation techniques like Yoga revolve around breathing. In fact if the script of Quran, which is in Arabic, pronounced correctly, you gain great control over your breath.

Do you know about the man who climbed the Mt. Everest in his shoes and shorts? Well, the world famous, Wim Hof also known as the Iceman ran in a marathon, barefoot! He is the holder of 20 Guinness World Records, which includes him being able to swim the farthest under ice and taking the longest ice bath, which was for two hours.



His secret? Breathing, he clearly says, it’s not about the cold it’s about breathing and being determined.  

Unhappy with his life, in a park he noticed the pond at a local park covered with thin layer of ice, and he ditched his clothes and jumped in, of course when nobody was looking. But it awakened his, “inner fire”


Even though he never received any formal training in the ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique known as Tummo, the Wim Hof method, he founded is based on Tummo. The aim of this is to awaken the inner fire in you. The potential of this inner warmth or fire is revealed with this technique. Your body temperature increases, making you hot 😉 literally, and also the heat of digestion and metabolism increases. It’s much more than, it clears the emotional blockage, and on a spiritual level it powers up your soul and it makes you fight things you believe in! This same exact fire is created to the Wim Hof Method as well. In his video he introduces breathing with the combination of doing push-ups. The result is you can do more push-ups with his technique! ( When practiced on a daily basis, people found themselves to be warmer.


Now here I thought, a person is dependent on the air around and top of that air is polluted. Also I will be dependent on oxygen!

But I tried it anyway, I went to a park, and got high. I didn’t apply the Wim Hof Method, but did the exercise suggested by Colin Kim and I was extremely attentive and at college I was able to recall the syllabus of 12th grade.

I took a year’s break before I joined Degree College, and I did ample amount of things throughout the year. I was astonished at how conscious I was. I was aware, present and the world around me was much more vivid, I remember the birds, the people I saw and I even took into consideration which direction the trees swayed. I was focused, and whoever knows me, is very well aware, I zone out in seconds, I cannot tolerate listening to 20 girls and pay attention. But I did that. I am still wondering it was just a dream.

 Later I passed out like any junkie and was hungry as hell. Which is because I was fasting, strangely though, I wasn’t grumpy at all with an empty growling stomach.

It’s really amazing how I got high on air!

I came back to my normal state after I woke up but I am so going for another trip tomorrow to practice the Wim Hof Method!

Do you want to try getting high on air?


Further Tripping….


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