Cryonics: Resurrecting The Dead

It is time for Civil War. Choose your sides.

Do you want to be the cool Tony Stark or be the immortal Steve Rogers?

Can’t choose? Me neither!

Fret not.

httpdisney.wikia.comwikiCaptain_AmericaWe found a way just for you. This is a chance for you to freeze yourself for as many as years as you want, like what inadvertently Captain America endured? Say hello, to Cryonics.

Cryogenics, derived from Kryos meaning ice cold, is the study of behavior of materials at very low temperature and Cryonics deals with storage of human body at such low temperature for future revival. We will tell you what exactly happened to Captain America or how he survived being frozen for 70 years – suspended animation and Cryonics could be the most closest to it in real life.

Imagine this scene from a typical rom-com movie. Your beloved suffers from some incurable disease and is beyond all hope of a cure, a condition where the person you love will be ‘clinically and legally’ dead . What else can you do but hope for a medical miracle or wait for them to drop dead (erm… actually die)? Or you can choose to do Cryonic suspension. refers to the procedure of preserving the human bodies which are declared incurable with the current medical technologies, at low temperatures with the hope that they can be resuscitated in the future with the use of advanced medical technologies. On board? You want to save your beloved life – somewhere down the lane – maybe some decades after your death. Love them much? Empty yours, your family and friends’ and even your entire neighborhood’s bank balance and meet me at your backyard at 0000 hours. Just kidding, you will have to meet the Cryonic team, more like black witches who resurrect the dead. (Still you will need that money you just pooled)

Of course, there’s some legal gibberish involved. Something along the lines that one cannot perform cryonic suspension on someone who is alive. ‘Pfft I know that! Who would do it on someone who is alive?’ I hear you say that. Normally I would agree but medically there are a lot of differences between (actually) dead and (legally) dead. Actually dead is when your organs and every system in your body stops functioning, whereas legally dead is when your heart stops beating and your other cellular functions have not (yet). You can try and save your beloved when he is declared legally dead, yet not totally dead. So has your beloved’s heart stopped working yet?

Okay right to the basics – what exactly happens to the body when you are on a cryonics suspension – be it yours or let’s face it we are all here to know about Captain America. Once a human is pronounced ‘dead’, the brain is supplied with oxygen sufficient enough for minimal exertion, the body is packed with ice and heparin (an anticoagulant) is injected so that blood won’t clot during the trip to the cryonics facility. you reach the facility, the body is frozen in a tank filled with liquid nitrogen. But in order to avoid the water between cells being frozen, the water is replaced with a cryoprotectant, which is basically like an antifreeze. This process is called vitrification where the cell and organs put in a state of suspended animation, ie, hibernation. Once water is replaced, the body is placed in beds of dry ice until it reaches (-)130 C and then immersed into a metal tube of liquid nitrogen at about (-)190 C where it is stored forever or your disease becomes curable, whichever is earlier. Did I mention if you feel the whole process of cryonics is too high for your budget, you can look into a comparatively cheaper model – neurosuspension – where only your brain is frozen for future generations to come up with technologies to clone your entire body. No? Alright, let’s continue our tour!

You could be one among the few thousands who have registered for such life preservative program, such as this. A small glitch, ermm. I would not prefer the term glitch but yeah, so far no one has been revived from the procedure. Well, do not lose hope and maybe our future generations would be smarter than us and would find a way to resuscitate you. Hey, you have eternity to wait for – literally!

How wonderful it would be to be revived and start a new life with probably your descendants – that is nothing less than time travel!

Alas, it looks you can the immortality of Captain America only when to have the bank balance of the Iron Man.

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