Money vs. Passion: Flipping the Coin for the NextGen Entrepreneurs

“Flipping the coin to find the equilibrium between money on one side and passion, the driving force, on other is probably a 50:50 outcome for NextGen Entrepreneurs. But, is it that simple?

This generation, en route to becoming the NextGen Entrepreneurs is enthusiastic about doing something of their own compared to the past generations. They are ready to take risks, they jump, they fall and they rejuvenate again. Money isn’t a priority when doing something unique is the best dish on the table. Recognition, for some people out there, is a bright road with no hurdles and no asterisks. That is the passion they possess for the thing they really like and want to do. In this process of following their passion, adhering to their driving force, money also plays a vital role and hence, finding an equilibrium becomes crucial.


Bansari Kamdar, Founder of The Social Bridge ( believes that at some point or the other people will have to look for the funding options and so does she, as she opts for options like crowd funding. Ritam Bhatnagar, the founder of wWhere ( has learnt in his own way that money and passion go hand in hand. You can do the things that you like but when you reach a phase, you realize that you are hesitating to take your business further just in the fear of not having enough money for hiring people or to expand it.

As one character in the TV show House of Cards, Frank Underwood frankly puts forward: ‘money is just a temporary thing but power, power is something which lasts for a lifetime’. The debate of ‘money can buy everything’ will go on for some people, but others will just follow the trails of power. Power comes when you have the passion for the thing you do, it lasts only because of the dedication you have and that is what keeps the dice rolling.

is passion enough

“Passion drives business” but “Business may flow with just money” says Sneh Bhavsar, founder of Oowomaniya (

Other than crossing each other’s paths in this ever-spinning world, money and passion may have some other sides. There can be circumstances when one individual need to select money, sometimes just to feed his family. People develop a habit over time, related to doing the work they do just for money because it is necessary to do so. They can continue doing that for the rest of their lives, with or without having an innate passion for the work.

What Abhishek Doshi, founder of Gridle ( had to say about this is that the final goal is to make some change and money is the most important thing to make it happen. “Always been, will be about money”

As kind of a listicle, working for money is more tiring and stressful for the simple reason that you are doing something you are not totally interested in. On the other side, when you are doing something with passion, something you like, you are more dedicated into the work and this aspect itself will help you dive into it with complete enthusiasm without getting tired. Why would it be tiring? It is something that you inherently enjoy doing.


To top it all in a conclusive way Mr. Savan Godiawala explained, sustainability can’t happen without money, growth happens only with money and that growth will attract investors. There is a line of value related to money which shouldn’t be crossed; problems related to sustainability arise only when one crosses that line. He ended with:

“When you walk, people should feel the aura around you

Without even knowing you.”

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