NextGen Entrepreneurs: Small Steps, Giant Leaps

The nucleus, though infinitesimally small in terms of its size, is the very core of an atom. This vitalizing synergy of atoms is what drives the very existence of the cosmos. So, in other words, really small things are the ones which have the power to actually resonate with a colossal scheme of things.

The Holy Cup cafe became the nucleus of the city on Sunday, the 1st of November 2015, when the small, cozy space transcended beyond it’s four walls and evolved into a playground of innovation, idea’tion and creation amidst the zeal of entrepreneurship.

The Cafe became a definitive platform for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, budding writers, IIM grads and musicians to commune and discuss the subtle nuances that next generation of entrepreneurs is ushering in. The paradigm shift from plain and simple money-making to intense bouts of passion and channelizing, was the focal point of this transition.

Here is a summary of questions which were raised during the meet. This week, THC Labs will present an article series on the core beliefs, the intense reflections and the approach that our panelists representing the NextGen entrepreneurs of today’s world have undertaken.

1. What do you think the new wave of entrepreneurs (NextGen) is doing differently from the old wave of businessmen? (transition from the craving for money to the craving to do something different)

2. What have the new wave of entrepreneurs integrated/borrowed from the old wave of business and used it for the creation of something beautiful (how have you used the soil of business to plant the seeds of passion?)

3. How big a challenge is the aspect of IT in a start-up and how have NextGen entrepreneurs successfully tamed it? (how can harnessing of IT be used to spread the roots of a start-up in the virtual space?)

4. What are your thoughts on the rising trends of self-employment, in the form of ‘freelancing’, ‘work from home’ and ‘pay as per performance’? (how extensive do you think the nature of start-ups can become once the network spreads to people at home and goes beyond the bounds of salaries and employees in general)

5. What bigger vision do you see for the community of entrepreneurs which this medium {The Holy Cup} is planning to help create? (we are here to create a platform for like-minded people to commune for a higher purpose; how would you make this count?)

6. Your message to aspiring Entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad who want to take up something unconventional? (Reach out to other soulful dreamers & help them secure future plantation of seeds of passion)

This week, we will delve into each of these questions and use the responses given by the NextGen entrepreneurs to understand this apparent paradigm shift where everyone has a part to play. The vision is clear, the determination is strong and the enthusiasm is overflowing. We intend to weave the stories of these individuals and serve it to the ones who would love to hear.

Join us as we take you on a roller-coaster ride into the world of perseverance and passion that these NextGen Entrepreneurs have conjured up. These are the some of the pioneers of this paradigm shift:

Ritam Bhatnagar, Founder wWhere (;

Sneh Bhavsar, Co-founder of OoWomaniya (;

Bansari Kamdar, Founder of The Social Bridge (;

Abhishek Doshi, Co-founder of Gridle (

The event was hosted by the suave yet subtle Savan Godiawala, Senior Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. who is also a visiting faculty at IIM-A. He fabricated the discussion in a meticulous and engaging way, ensuring that the discussion was more along the lines of an experience in itself, rather than just a meet-up of people in suits.

The diversity and the energy is driving us, and this is just the beginning.

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