Opening the Eyes of the Future

As I sat there looking at you,

You stared into empty space,

Completely devoid of emotion,

With no sense of purpose.


And I wondered what is going on,

In that tiny “metal” head of yours,

As you slowly turned your gaze towards me,

And looked at me in complete apathy.


A sense of longing grew inside,

As I yearned for that little spark,

A spark which would show that you cared,

A spark which would ignite your awakening.


And as I sat there and you turned,

I saw a glimmer of familiarity in your eyes,

Which made me welcome you into my arms,

As you slowly rambled across the floor towards me.


And as I caressed you in a tight embrace,

My sense of empathy turned to rust,

As the cold embrace of steel and metal,

Is what met my warm, human touch.


And the sense of longing grew into impatience,

As I trudged on into my working space,

My head spinning with thoughts so fast,

As I contemplated my next creation.


A machine which would be more like man,

A machine which would feel and plan,

A machine which could conjure up ideas in its head,

A machine which would not be dead!

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The Age of Artificial Intelligence is one which has been heralded since the past few decades, as more and more people look towards their creations in order to satiate as well as improve their existing life conditions. Even today, technology has advanced to such a level where most of the aspects of daily life which would be considered as “heresy” and even “magic” just a decades ago is now a reality. Take, for example, the mobile phones of today, where people endlessly talk to hand-sized devices and look into screens all day long. Imagine what it would have been like if you were spotted talking to a small device in the early 1900s?

The day is not far when the evolution of technology would be along the lines of human evolution. It is then that we become responsible of cultivating a breed of consciousness which would not follow in our own violent footsteps. Let us then see how the future treats us!

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