Rediscover Communication: The Ocean of Possibilities

When you hear the word “communication”, you may form an image in your head of two people talking to each other. Good job! But, I urge you to go deeper! “How?”, you may ask. Well, let’s start with the laptop or computer screen that you are looking into right now. You are, in fact, communicating with me even though you may not know who I am, or I may even be hundreds of miles away. Moreover, I just left this piece of information in the form of an article quite a while before you started reading, still you are able to get into my head and actually make sense and structure out of my words. Pretty rad, huh! On the other hand, we consider this so commonplace and take it all for granted.

Talking about taking for granted, do you even comprehend the amount of communication that is happening inside your body right now, between cells, microbes and even different parts of your body? Yes, neither do I because I’m too busy worrying about stuff like my Internet connection slowing down. Talking about the Internet, can you comprehend the amount of communication that happens within this virtual mind that we have engineered. There are devices communicating with each, millions of miles apart, as the electrical impulses within these devices also move about as they travel from one part of the device to another, just like chemical and electrical impulses inside our body. Yes, your device is alive and kicking, with millions of bouts of communication signals moving around inside it. Oh yeah, your device is talking to you right now, through alarms, ringtones, and other types of signals. Yeah, now the image in your head about communication may be fading away like a fluffy cloud slowly dissipating into the blue void of the sky. On the other hand, what if I told you that we have just started nibbling at the surface of communication.


Just get up from where you are (after reading the article of course!) and take a walk outside. Look at the trees, the people, the animals and everything else that moves around. If you look between the lines, at the winks, the nods, the tail wags, the slurs, the slips, the slides, the turns and the winding signs that we all indulge in, you become open to a whole ocean of non-verbal communication! My friend, if you tap into the silence, you will see that the world is truly alive and talking, LOUDLY! What you have opened yourself to is an ocean of possibilities, where you can engage in conversation with a tree, with the cat stuck in the tree, as well as the cuckoo which incessantly haunts you with its long-drawn howls.

Well, you may find it difficult at first to actually notice all the subtle nuances of communication, but that is what the rest of the week is for! Here are some of the topics that we will be exploring through the week in order to open ourselves to what the world has to tell us. Be strong, listen and explore the silence;

Communication between animals: how animals like dolphins and whales have their own language and even have their own social structure and syntax built around this unique language of theirs.
How animals like bats and other ocean-dwelling animals have learnt to use sound as a device to “see”: the use of communication as an extra-sensory apparatus to visualize one’s environment.
The ocean of knowledge and information that comes with non-verbal communication: exploring the primitive roots of body language and exploring the claim that non-verbal communication is actually much more intricate and truthful than verbal modes of communication.
Can we communicate with animals: are humans and animals connected with each other through a common language in the form of body language or some other unexplored mode of communication.
Telepathy and other extra-sensory modes of communication which are equivalent to technological advancements of today: we may be able to use telepathy like mobile phones to contact individuals over large distances.
Communication through touch: can differences in body temperature and the movement of certain muscles signal certain syntax or semantics; exploring the language of touch during intimate relationships.
Communication with the cosmos: meditation and other “mind-stilling” activities may actually open us up to a world of communication that we do not know about; stilling our mind may help us to listen to the cosmic orchestra!
Communication through music and art: musicians and artists can actually communicate their feelings, emotions and even vast amounts of information through their works: just observe your thought patterns during a concert or while looking at a painting.
Communication between technologies: through Bluetooth, two devices may actually be speaking to each other as they are exchanging information.
Communication with nature and plant: when we ingest some food and plant-based food products we are ingesting information: we can observe this as the chemical reactions during digestion affect our thought processes as well.
Plant-based psychedelic substances may, in fact, be the “spirit” of the plant talking to you: Ayahuasca ceremonies, Iboga ceremonies, mushrooms (the Stoned Ape theory).
Communication at the microscopic level: chemotaxis, RNA and protein communication, DNA being a language blueprint, electrical signals, hormones and chemical transfer: communication between different parts of the body.

So my friends, are you ready to have your mind blown? Ready or not, here comes awareness!

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