Self-Driving Car’s Self-Introducing Poetry!

Google's Self-Driving Car In-house Design
Google’s Self-Driving Car: In-house Design

Push the button & I’d drive you around

Do what you want to while I drift on the ground!

Why should one die of an accident?

When we can build a technology beyond human judgment!


I come with software, sensors & a technology that doesn’t discriminate

Blind, kids, elderly; I provide them all equal opportunities to freely navigate!

I do not get tired, I do not get drunk, I do not get distracted

Your interests, your comforts & your safety are always protected!



I have eyes reaching far wide & beyond

Till two football fields away I correspond!

I can detect a plastic bag lying over a hundred meters away

Even in complicated city scenarios, I can find my way!


4 questions I constantly ask myself while I tread through territories unknown

To my GPS I ask, “Where am I” and my location with respect to my destination is shown

To my sensors I ask, “What’s around me” and I’m shown if I’m in a danger zone

To my software I ask, “What will happen next” and accurate predictions at me are thrown

To my system I ask, “What should I do” and the seeds of prophesy right there are sown!


My laser fires a millions of photons every second to interpret, process and react

My artificial brain developed cognitive functions envisioning a future perfect!

Been called a koala ball, a nerf car, a cute marshmallow bumper bot; I’m ready for the road

1.2 million miles without an accident to my credibility in the self-driving mode!


No pedals. No instrument panel. No steering wheel; I’m devoid of traditional car tools

I’m a disruptive technology that would require transforming the laws & outstripping the rules!

Speeding, road rage, driver’s license, distracted driving, tickets might all become things of the past

I’m a Google car. Wonder where I would take you if you tell me, “I’m feeling lucky”, oh you enthusiast?


Some figures for an after-thought!

Why this technology would be our jackpot!

Accidents in 2015 cost us $ 503 billion with 1.2 million people killed & 34 million badly injured

What if this could be stopped & what if way out of this could be engineered?

car-front new

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