New World Order: A Conspiracy Theory

“National Socialism will use its own revolution for the establishing of ‘a new world order’, “said Adolph Hitler, a German Chancellor who led the Nazi party from 1933 to 1945. Reading this, I felt curious to know about ‘a new world order’ and started browsing for the facts behind the same to discover that it is a conspiracy theory that aims to create a ‘One World Government’, where a group of International elites could exercise their control on the governments, industry, media and various other organizations of the world, with laws and orders passed by them. The laws of One World Government, being uniform under a legal system of world courts, can have complete and total control over humanity, irrespective of nationalistic and regional boundaries. Even the unified police and military forces may exist to enforce these laws in each country of the world.


Having the major industrial countries like United States, England, Germany, Italy, Australia and others as the active and cooperative members of this conspiracy, the system of Central Banking is said to be used as the primary tool to help the conspiring elites in introducing ‘One-Unit Monetary System’ and ‘One-World Currency, thereby ensuring the total control over the global economy, by forcing each government and citizens to share their wealth equally, under the guidance of a one world government. Increasing numbers of international agreements between the nations have equally contributed to the globalization and centralization of governance. Moreover, “Agenda 2030” of the United Nations has unveiled the Master plan of implementing global socialism and corporate fascism for the upcoming years.

One may say that the one world government would unite the nations through reducing the rate of wars, crimes, corruption and terrorism; equal distribution of available resources and technical know-how with the common goal of global welfare; and reduction in the amount of money and resources spent on defence. But the efficiency of the government has been always dependent on the efficiency of its representatives, due to which there are certain threats like establishing global monarchy that denies the fundamental rights and freedom of the people.

Illuminati preacher

The internet is flooded with articles, which claim that the new world order will be established by the ancient secret society, named Illuminati. Some consider it to be a myth, whereas some consider it a process that has already begun, with enough evidence on their side. While, religious institutions beat their chests and consider this a work of Satan, the coming of the false messiah and what not, the fact remains that the term is freely thrown around by the politicians around the world, since the end of World War II. It could be considered as a noble deed, of uniting the world, but there certainly is going to be unrest among people. Even though, efforts have been made to propagate the procedure of New World Order in a positive light.

The whole ‘a group of Satanists conquering the entire world’ is a widely speculated conspiracy theory, but the threat of global monarchy lurks around the corner as we move in future.


The common thing that I have noticed in the supporters and the non-supporters of New World Order is that they both are governed by fear. Supporters ‘fear’ the threat humanity poses and thus try to strive to create a utopian world or they simply fear losing power over the ever-growing population. Non-supporters fear the lack of freedom and free will or they fear change.

“Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear, and greed.”
― Albert Einstein

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