A Modern Day Fairy Tale: Satire on the Warrior Nation

Come on children, now gather around! Let me tell you about a modern day warrior nation, their glorious love for humankind and their luminary tales of conquering the world! A nation where justice and equity prevails, where racial discrimination is nothing but an element of a nightmare of the century past and human rights violence exists only in the form of statistical reviews of the other brutal nations.


Yes, you guessed it right my young-lings!


Now, let us delve deeper into the resplendent workings of this highly accomplished nation.


The lengths they go to establish peace of the world is highly praiseworthy! This nation is so selfless in their acts that they cut down investment in providing basic human rights for its citizens in order to execute “War on Terror” thus removing any form of “terrorism” from the face of earth. They feel this huge responsibility to save the people of earth from perpetrators of violence and anarchy. So much so that they don’t hesitate to adapt terrorist tactics and aid other terrorist nations in order to establish global harmony. In other words my innocent children! The most powerful nation on our globe has to be bad enough to deal with the bad guys or else the bad guys will take over. Even if we suffer, even if the world gets destroyed, we need to understand this, okay?


The chest-beating proclamation of their moral virtue can be heard from far and wide as they take on the herculean task of making other countries safe for their citizens yet they run out of prevention tactics when rape epidemics run rampant in their own college campuses. They keep so busy upholding the rights and saving the identities and voices of the “vanishing” women (doesn’t matter if they cover themselves by choice, they are being oppressed!) that they hardly get any time to pay attention the other large number who are fading away, unable to cope with the crude objectification culture and unattainable social standards.

But sweet children they are peacemakers, they take care for the world and its okay, even if they cannot take care of their own home, their own people.


Their heartfelt concern for world democracy is greatly admirable as they don’t even hesitate to invade other countries in the great cause of “spreading democracy”. Funny, considering their long list of their own murdered democratic leaders and their system being compared to oligarchy where the rich can buy their own politicians. I mean my lovely children your freedom is in good hands and they have the complete right to get rid of a handful of bad apples.



They excelled in the field of health and medical so much that they have turned illness and injury of citizens, a commodity from which others can profit. Same goes for their economy that flourished so remarkably that it now rewards its rich people for being rich and punishes the poor for being poor. After all, the medical industry cannot go around giving free and right treatment. You see they need to earn too, and that’s the only option they have. Also the rich deserves to be rich and poor deserves to be poor.


This nation that prides over its non-racial views for electing a non-white leader, has one of the highest rates of police brutality against minorities, racial profiling and racism that results into protests like “Black lives matter” where white supremacists are allowed to roam freely with deadly weapons. Don’t get scared kids, its fine these guns are to protect them from the harm, they have to defend themselves!


One of those wonderful accomplishments of this country has been to declare itself a self-appointed leader and spokesperson of global human rights for years. What about Guantanamo and other military detention centres you ask? Pfft, man, don’t you know they have this highly skilled bureau of investigators and informants proficient in foiling terror plots and manufacturing crime? How else can they ensure indefinite detention and inhuman torture of their own citizen based on the flimsiest accusations! They are skilled; they are able to figure out who is not good just like your momma knows and they punish bad people according to that. Just like maama.


With these capabilities they have the right to deride other nations for their poor human rights standards. And it doesn’t matter if they are committing some of the gravest human rights atrocities. Okay darlings?


All hail the saving grace of human civilization.

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