An Ode to Depravity: The New Age Counter Culture

I see a world, where there was harmony

And a peaceful society was a reality

Where searching basic necessities like food and shelter were a priority

Unlike what we are today, tarnished the very soul of humanity


Look back; travel in the past to see

The world where there was harmony

Nakedness was not obscene

It was natural

Nobody was a king or queen

Everybody was an equal


Now what you wear defines you, try to match the pace of the herd

It’s mandatory to follow the trendsetters

Consumerism, has consumed the world

Why do we think we are better?

Than those before us

Better than the other species

But we are not the most evolved rather the most dangerous

Worse than pigs who feed on their faeces


Lethal, we couldn’t care less if the entire earth was wiped out, we’d be dirt

But oh my our egos should be pampered let alone hurt

Hurt by the truth

Let’s be covered with layers after layers,

After all who wants to dispute?

Bow down, your necks not rising above your shoulders


Our ancestors must be so proud?

As we beat our chests and shout

The lies from our stinky mouths

No they weep in their shrouds



We blame the knife

We blame the fire

We question life

We are such good liars

Oh we have progressed, chant, “Profit, profit, gain gain,”

Sure we have, only to go in the black hole all over again


We call the deprived poor

We call the exploiter rich

The deprived continues to go down the hole, deeper

And the exploiter feels pity for those in the ditch


Now with the closed mouth smiles and caked faces

You call beautiful colours, race

Buy everything and let it all go to waste

Make nutrition expensive and sell the taste

Everything that we created has destroyed who we are

And we so fondly search ourselves in the pattern of the stars

We’ll follow each other in the depths of hell

To compete to show and tell


Your hearts soar

With pride

Singing tales of war,

But forgetting those that died

We are cursed to live with their blood

That has stained the souls of everyone in this herd

Butcher peace

Serve it to your demons piece by piece

Brainwashed to believe

In our inability

To shape and weave

What we see

He said, “For the greater good of all

You are too young to think, play with your dolls,”

The scales of justice weighed down with petty stones

Diamonds, all kind of gems, ah and gold!

And there goes down the ashes and bones

Of those rebels, so bold

Of those who dared to speak with their voice

Voices not auto-tuned to match the noise


Don’t call me a pessimist, read between the lines 😉

Where did we go wrong, folks? In our blind ignorance or our complete lack of acceptance and curiosity? Well, maybe it’s time to find an answer, maybe its time to back into our archaic origins so that we see our condition for what is: caked in layer after layer of sugarcoated ignorance and putrid self-indulgence. Maybe it is time to face the truth so that we can make a change. Are you up for the challenge?

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