Counter Culture: Let’s Change the World!

The talk is all about the deficits today,

at the same time they’re giving away,

billionaire bailouts & corporate welfare,

privatizing wars and that’s not fair.

Social security which pays it’s own way,

has nothing to do with deficits today.

Welfare for people that really do need it,

‘reformed’ so only the greedy can get it.


Tax rates for rich are quite minuscule,

money offshore seems the new rule.

Why should they pay anything at all,

if the middle and bottom’ll take the fall?


Keeping us fighting among ourselves,

the 1%, do that so well.

Blame the poor, the students, Iran,

blame it on anyone else that you can.

Normally nothing distracts like war

but waking up now, we’re not so sure.

I think our tactics may have to change

if we don’t want things to stay the same.


A few weeks ago I tried a new tack,

I do each New Year – soon go off track.

I won’t give bad stuff any more food,

I’ll magnify only what I think is good.

I’ll take my energy, attention, and mind,

and focus on only, things that are kind.



Already noticed some things turned around

and I’ve barely got this thing off the ground.

And I don’t mean feeling sorry or sad,

’cause I know Good’s in all, even the bad.

So maybe you’ll join me boys and girls –

pray for the goons and let’s change the world.

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