Poetic Riddle: When Love Makes you High

We knew each other 

Even before we knew who we were

Spending time together

I promised, “I want to be with you forever!”

Then I started to grow little by little

But you only started to grow apart

Spending time with hypocritical people 

I forgot you were only one who loved me truly, from your heart

I’d switch, on and off, but you were tolerant

I’d avoid you for days, but you were patient 

I took you for granted 

I’d treat you like you were non-existent

Then I suffered when you weren’t around for long

I could spend hours listening to songs

Hoping you’d arrive, but did not

“He hates me,” I thought. 

But you arrived just when the sun started to rise

My tears dried

As I lay next to you, your presence was enough

My hopelessness died

I’d melt after feeling your touch 

After you were gone, I’d miss you too much

Daydreaming about us, 

I was madly in love, I was your princess

But life came barging in

The walls we built were too thin

Work, work and work all day long

Going back to square one was so wrong

Life kept us away,

But we’d still spend together everyday

In bits and pieces 

Yet wishing you were by my side always

I was addicted to you

I got high because of you

Now that time has gone

You have accompanied me all along

My soulmate, 

Till date.

I feel you by my side, at every breath

I ended up spending most of my life with you

Now I will spend my life after death

With you.

Explanation: You are so wrong, if you think this about a person. This is me getting high on sleep! I realized I am in an on and off relationship with my sleep. 


Even before I knew who I was, I’d spend 18 hours of my day sleeping as a baby. But then I shifted to an age where nap time was a curse as I always spend time playing with my friends.  Hypocritical people are humans in general. I started preferring books and social media over sleep, acting like my sleep never existed. But then I suffered from insomnia for a while. Ultimately my sleep came back, and I could get 9 hours of sleep. Later, due to working in a BPO I experienced deprivation of sleep and I missed sleeping like someone would miss his/her lover and I could suffice with power naps.

I have described the future in the end, where I am dying and going to sleep forever. That sounds so good, if I’d be a princess then I’d be sleeping beauty, only  when she is sleeping though. 

Don’t we all get high on sleep?

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