The pursuit of NextGen Entrepreneurs: A culmination

The Agora (or Sundays @THC) 2.0 session, held on 1st November 2015 at The Holy Cafe, Ahmedabad, brought together NextGen Entrepreneurs, Abhishek Doshi (, Bansari Kamdar (, Ritam Bhatnagar (, and Sneh Bhavsar (, on one platform to delve into their entrepreneurial journeys and reflect on the vision of entrepreneurship in India. Under the direction of Mr. Savan Godiawala, Deloitte India, the session gave us great insights and significant lessons to treasure for life. We have tried to compile the knowledge gained, the ideas shared and the vision foreseen together as a creative community, in the form of articles along the whole week.

Refer to articles here: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5


The most significant lesson we have learnt is that, the current generation of entrepreneurs seeks depth. A norm is always questioned until the underlying reasoning can be pulled out and comprehended. If the reasoning is not good enough, a solution is sought and brought to the masses. A NextGen entrepreneur doesn’t stop until he/she achieves that. This generation has risen above the general conventions of business. Risk-bearing, time-management, uncertainty-issues, among others are dealt with much ease. They are daydreamers but understand the practicalities. They learn for their peers, understand the niche’d out ways of businesses, yet they establish a path of their own. They usually don’t stop, and when they do they twist and turn to run again.

What runs their business is the ultimate belief in their idea and the intense urge to materialize that idea into a product or a service for the society. 

innovation ahead

This generation of entrepreneurs promises innovation, creation and a much deeply thought-out tomorrow. This generation of entrepreneurs further substantiates the meaning of life that is elusive to the masses of today, who are busy worrying about how they look rather than the essence of reality itself. It has been a week of learning, a week of inspiration, a week of creativity and we thank everyone for the their inputs into a beautiful culmination of Agora (or Sundays @THC) session 2.0.

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