The Quest for a Candle in the year 2080: The Future for Man and Machine

Everyone start with a clear mind

And pose together for the quest of finding

A candle.


Let me tell you- a candle is a thing

Made of, usually, wax with a wick

Pointing to the clouds.

(See this is the problem with people

With personal computing cloud

They do not understand the sky

Unless they swallow data aloud!)


When the inside is so difficult to realize

Do try to find a candle, mark my words.

“Last seen active in 2051,” said T32

Searching its cloud at 32 million exaflops.


Don’t do that you God forsaken humanoid,

I puffed at the life-sized robot man

Indistinguishable but freakishly faster

In response like no other can.



Now, it normally looks cylindrical

And could be shaped as we like it

But to find a candle is not that easy

Let us see if you really can make it.


It lights if set on fire

Can be seen from 50 miles…

“Like pencil LEDs, sir, here I have one,”

Jumped yet another invention.


Focus! %@*#

And the wax gets depleted, on burning in time, get it?

“Sir, isn’t a torch better, and to find?”

This time, it was my personal AI.



You know what, let’s proceed

To the Museum of Ancient Artifacts

(You unconscious bots, blowing major philosophy tracts)

Where we can find an actual candle.

“Sir, 1.5 miles via Air route 9,” it showed,

Heaving a deep sigh between different robots,

Acknowledging the changed world,, I followed.


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