The Start-up in You: How to channelize yourself into your start-up

More than often, one comes across the stories of some individuals who strived to reach heights which were considered unattainable, except for the elite few who have achieved feats reserved for only those  ones with large wallets. These individuals and their stories are not just to be cherished and talked about, these are essential guides for others who have dreamt about the elusive land of opportunity. We had the distinct opportunity and privilege to meet up with these individuals at one of our sessions in the THC Cafe. Here, we will be looking at two such individuals who turned their passion in life into a higher purpose of sorts.


The Healer amidst the chaos

Imagine being in Dubai at a company surrounded by South Indians, reeling from culture shock and having no clue whatsoever about the next step to be taken. Most people would just succumb to the pressure of this shock and would either relapse into a lack of productivity. In this scenario, Dr. Hetal Vyas saw the opportunity to build up and realize her own passion and channelized it to reach new heights. She harbored her interest for the two sciences which she had an inclination towards from quite a young age, the science of medicine and the science of morality. She discovered her inherent talent in the art of homeopathy during this period when she strengthened herself as a homeopathic practitioner by using her colleagues as her first patient base. She used to tune into the nature of their ailments and come up with genuine homeopathic prescriptions, the knowledge of which she had garnered throughout her childhood.

Eventually, with her husband as a strong support, she built her own clinic from scratch. By catering to a myriad of ailments amongst her patients, she built up her reputation as one of the best homeopathic practitioners to know of, with answers to any ailment out there. There were cases where patients with diseases or bodily discrepancies, who had opted for all kinds of synthetic therapies but to no avail, were cured with a regular application of an ointment or a few sugar-coated pills.

Dr. Hetal Vyas

She is a person who wanted to cure the world without the brute-force approach that synthetic therapies adopt. Instead, she practiced healing through another form of therapy, one which paid attention to the aspects of self-healing and internal balance rather than chemical cures. This passion of hers, which was fueled by a passion for healing and restoration of balance in the body, was the same aspect which helped her in molding her profession and career.  She utilized this approach in her career as well, using the obstacles and struggles that she faced as tools for molding her path towards her goal. In a way, her passion for homeopathy helped her learn the art of balancing and even out the kinks in her life as well. She learned the art of perfecting the aspect of self-healing by using her problems to strengthen herself and her conviction towards the cause as a whole.

This helped her observe and warrant the evolution of her clinic into a full-fledged factory which manufactured homeopathic face washes and soaps for the general public. This was the birth of “Ovin”, through which helped Hetal spread her principles of self-healing and balance in life through her products.

This is a great example of how your passion and the way you choose to follow it can actually set the tone for your start-up as well, as it resonates with your interests and follows the path of your own internal realizations. In simple terms, the journey of your start-up or your enterprise is as much a part of your own internal self-realization as it is a part of the external world.

The Weaver of Empathy

Anita Agarwal

There is another woman who embraced the lessons in her life and used them to build up something truly wonderful. Anita Agarwal married into a typical Marwadi background, with limitations and restrictions that she just had not encountered before. The once free-willed woman, who used to go beyond the veil of societal judgments to follow her passion for learning and teaching, now found herself in the confines of traditional and orthodox belief systems. This struggle to get accustomed to traditional and limited perceptions and beliefs is what she based her work upon. Using her experiences and her struggles as her arsenal of knowledge, she started her own tutoring classes for children. What sets this apart from all other tutoring classes is the fact that aspect of financial gain is just thrown out of the window. This is because Anita focuses on giving her students an experience rather than just a teaching session. In her classes, children can be completely open about their personal problems. In other words, she provides children with a platform where they can vent out their personal frustrations and dilemmas where Anita acts like a medium for their problems to be observed, comprehended and dealt with.

With a life of freedom and abandon while in college to a life within the limitations of societal beliefs, Anita has seen both the extremes of what life is essentially made up of. This helps her to empathize with students and actually put herself in their shoes in order to understand their emotions and perceptions. This helps her to strengthen the connections that she shares between her students and show them that their lives are pretty much in sync with the subtle bittersweet experiences that all of us have to go through.

Here are two women who used the obstacles in her life as their tools to build up their own start-ups. Tell us about your personal stories in the comments and think of how you can use the lessons you learned through them to actually develop a start-up.

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