Writers Philosophize: Types of Writers

We all are writers, we all have stories to tell. And then, there are types of writers.
Yes, there are the plotters and the pantsers.

pantser or plotter

But we have observed closely the behavioristic patterns of the writers right here on THC, and now, we have come up with a list of types of writers.several writers
This calls for a disclaimer: You might be two of them, three of them or maybe all of them in varying percentages. So, if you find yourself relating to the stuff, welcome aboard.

organized writer 2

The Organized Writer: You, my dear friend, are the definition of a white collar writer – you have separate folders under separate categories, and then, you have them arranged per genre and priority. You are an hour ahead of deadlines – because you set them later than you think you would finish the work. We want to be you. Seriously, share some pointers.
Awkward moments: Loosing your mind when you don’t meet deadlines. Freaking out even though you have hours till the deadline. Everyone thinks you have everything sorted because, “Well, you are always on time!”

Man with laptop

The Part-time Writer: You love writing, but writing is not merely your hobby – but it is not your job. Ah, the clash between love and logic. Not really, you are a part-time writer as you write in your free time. But man, the free time is so hard to find.
Awkward Moments: Constant juggle between writing and work. Hating work when it doesn’t give you writing time. Continual compliments about managing multiple things at once – and having no idea how you manage that, but you do.

emotional writer

Emotional Writer: You are emotionally driven. You need to write when you feel an intense emotion. Be it happiness, anger or jealousy – yes, we all know that last poem you wrote was because your crush liked your best friend and it crushed you, literally.
Awkward Moments: That urge to grab a pen and paper whenever you are feeling certain emotions in excess. Carrying around a notepad and pen everywhere you go. Keeping a journal/laptop/phone on the bedside table because you never know when you might get the urge to write.

high writer

The High Writer: Drugs? Who needs them? You get high on writing. You feel euphoria when your fingers flow rhythmically on the keyboard without even you realizing it. It is like you are just the medium for the words to flow out, and you are something minuscule in comparison.
Awkward moments: Being inattentive for the writing phases. Being called high when you are giddy after an amazing writer session

content writer

The Freelance Writer a.k.a the Content Writer: You are the unemployed but employed writer who thinks the world has a miserable life. But you are still earning an average of 50k – with no regrets. We are jealous. Share some tips… Now!
Awkward Moments: 
You are used to the, “Hey, I can be a freelance writer, too – I have a PC and fluency in English!” dialogue – which is a tad bit annoying. You have tonnes of work – but are still deemed unemployed. It gets a little lonely at times but you get to stay in for weeks in your pajamas, not getting out.

blue moon

The Blue Moon Writer: You are writers who write rarely, but when they do, they manage to hold our souls as captives. Yes, you kidnap our souls and make them so emotional that we are sitting at the edge, staring at your words. You are busy and go by slow and steady wins the race. You are celebrities for all we know. Your words are extraordinary and worth staring, for all we care.
Awkward moment: At times the words are so complex and the meaning is so subtle, that you have to decode it and explain it to your readers – might as well write an exegesis for it. Rewriting is a pain – almost impossible.

hot mess writer
The Hot Mess Writer: You basically spute verbal vomit on the paper. Yeah, people could call you pantsers, but some plotters are in the clun, too. You hate deadlines from the bottom of your heart. Your grammar is sometimes (cough most of the times cough) not to the mark. Sometimes, your real life is out of control and the writing reflects the chaos. But you are amazingly talented and creative – and even the vomit makes sense, beautifully.
Awkward Moment: “Hey, dude did you finish that write-up, the deadline is tomorrow?” “Write-up? Deadline? What? Where am I?”

The Potential Writer:
Every writer has a potential to become a better writer than what he/she was yesterday. No one is better, every writer is unique. Compete with yourself, be the best version of you! You could be anyone you want to be – if it is not written in the stars, don’t worry, you’re a writer, change the write-up. We are all here. This is all we are.

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