Commercial Film Makers VS Art Film Makers

An Art Film Maker


Films are a sketch of life for us,

Where showing your reality is our focus.

We view things as they are,

UK, USA, Australia and Europe call our films, “auteur”

The plot of the story is the base,

Breaking away from the mainstream, always.

The content is highly symbolic,

Rather than profit, made for reasons that are aesthetic.

Twists are logical and scientific,

But dull and slow pace throughout the flick

The time to shoot is short,

But we manage to do what cliche films cannot.

Our actors amateur and not famous,

Our sets not at all high budget rather modest.

Entertainment is not the goal,

Social realism is the film’s soul.

Promoted through the word-of-mouth,

In niche market north to south.

A Commercial Film Maker


Films are like trading for us,

Marketing is our main focus.

We view things as we think they are,

We pave the road towards the limelight and create superstars.

The plot of the story is not the base,

“Keep them engaged,” always,

 With catchy songs and exotic locations.

The content is an escape for the audience.

Twist in the tale is filled with magic,

The pace is automatic.

We shoot with a hi-tech set,

Specialized cast and crew we get,

Keep each frame rich and great,

Earn more revenue, with a high TRP rate.

Characters are fleshed out clear,

Solvable issues addressed here.

Every scene has mass appeal,

Goal is aimed to get a big deal.

Promoted in the mass market,

Trailers and teasers help reach the target

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