Music Then VS Now: Rap Battle

It was a Reddit post comparing Beyonce’s Who Runs the World

And Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

One was a pop-queen repetition,

Other seemed like a lyrical beauty ,

Made me wonder how it all started,

Through which stepping stones was music’s evolution?


Often I have heard elders say, the true music is lost in the day.

But I find myself clinging to the repetitor’s techno beat at bay!

medieval music

Medieval Age:

It all started with us,

Simple as that, not frailty or gaiety,

Monophonic or polyphonic,

From this, you’d choose

Simple melody, sans harmony, was the say.


Renaissance is rebirth,mars

Not only in the techno field

But also in musical realms

As the world evolved

We did, too

Discarding the ol’ days,

Who said music should prepare for death,

We’d rather talk about humanism and life.


We started the opera,

We introduced the musical instrument.

It was through us you started to learn the –



Oh, please, don’t be so high and mighty,

Your name translates bizarre,

We are the classical beauty,

The piano was our forte

Popularizing simplistic melodies was our way.



Bro, can you just chill?

Your way is like writing the last will!

A set of rules to follow

Otherwise, you’d be fallow

We told stories

Described people’s feelings

Emotions, love, life…

We were the ones who made people go,

“Hey, that’s my song!”

20th Century:


And how exactly did you convey it all?

Through a huge cone?

We are the ones who brought real change

Combining technology and music was our true game

We made music available in each home

You might have made their song,

But we are the ones that made them sing along!

21st Century


And still you’re lost in time

As we hold the dime

Here we stand tall

With our DJs and technological ball

Added a category in Grammy’s just for us

We’ve made the elusive form approachable thus

You know you’ve lost

But we know we’d not be here without y’all

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