Pouts VS Smiles: Which Works Best For You?


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Over a million searches have been check-listed for the word Narcissism in the last year and not surprisingly, it’s part of our trending topics even today. People are gradually becoming aware of how self-obsession is taking over our lives but is it really? Are we really getting more narcissistic as individuals or we are now getting more platforms to depict this narcissism? Maybe some of us don’t belong to the category of people posting selfies on a daily basis or giving a touch-up to their make-up by the hour. But if not, we still can’t help glancing at our reflections while passing by any mirror, can we? Whether suppressed or shouting out loud, narcissistic behavior is an underlying shade in all of us in varying degrees. And one debate that keeps on bursting up from time to time in this underlying narcissism is that of pouts and smiles-

What’s more attractive? Why do we do what we do? What works best for you? Let’s find out-

Smiles are not just a part of human nature but evolution at the whole. It is one of those survival reflexes that we have adopted to adapt to our environment or in today’s sense – to socialize.


Well, even if we mostly smile in a moment of joy or happiness, we are all still seen to do so even when we don’t experience any of it. This is because smiling doesn’t just act as a response but, as a tool for us to convey our message- whether we feel it or not. Through smiles, we exchange emotions of warmth among humans. In fact, we are believed to communicate more in the varying smiles that we give to people than any other expressions. The same theory works with our photos too. When we smile we convey a message to the onlooker, one of love and fruitfulness – one that easily pleases.


Pouts, on the other hand, haven’t really been a part of our history or any history, for that matter. Pouts are a new thing for the new generation. They are a concept of the digital revolution or social media, to be straight. While there are many of us who can’t understand why we pout, there are a lot of convincing explanations for the behavior. Curvy bodies of women have been a successful trait due to the upright seduction it finds in the opposite sex. Though most of the women race, tried to get this curve on their chest, waist, and buttocks; some took it further and tried to show it on their faces too. By protruding their lips in an elaborate manner, girls try to bring voluptuousness to their face. Not just this but pouting also helps to displace the fat off their faces and make their cheekbones sharper and eye bags disappear. So, why not?


Just like smiles, pouts too have their messages. Even though, such expressions easily sign towards hotness and a cliche of exclusiveness; the underlying emotions conveyed through pouts are those of a ready acceptance of one’s sexuality, self-confidence, yet uneasiness towards standing out in situations. A more basic approach to the same is the tiredness of similarity. Not everyone can smile and even lesser really want to smile.

On one hand, smiles are seen as the harbingers of joy, pouts are reacted to rather negatively due to the misplaced snob in its attitude, yet why do we see pouting photos on social networking sites getting likes and follows at such a rapid rate?

Though smiles, ugly or pretty can be coronated as the quintessential tool to brighten up the portrait, pouts seem to display a rather not afraid and sexual appeal, therefore, grabs the rage of the moment.

Not creating a clear cleavage between ‘nice’ and ‘not-so-nice’, pouts and smiles can’t be artificially polarized just for the ease of feeble brains. As for narcissism, what we incline towards between the two; sets to define our version of the behavior.

Pouts or smiles- what’s your message? Let me know your thoughts!

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