Research Based Writing VS Experience Based Writing

This week, we have another community article for you! The thoughts of various writers have contributed to this article. At THC Labs we have articles, poetry and stories either based on research or experience. Here’s our take on these types of writing.

Research Based Writing

Being a research oriented writer is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But you accomplish it just fine.


It involves an extensive reading about the topic you are writing about.

Now, an in-depth investigation of every topic might seem like a drag to other, you have grown to love it. It has become your thing.

Your task starts with a vague tagline or mere title of the topic you are intending to write about – for a novel, an article or an essay. It doesn’t matter.

The next step is tracing the common step for every topic you write about – extensive reading and note making for the topics.

This step starts with scanning anything and everything you could find about the topic on the most favorite source of information: the internet.

Now, Google might be your go to, but for credibility and accomplished research, you turn to Google Scholar, which show a number of papers published and authentic sources for you to rely upon.

While you’re reading on the topic of your interest or assigned work, it is a must for you to make the notes.

Your notebook is filled with several scribblings or perhaps neatly written records of everything that you might have deemed important.

Once you have accomplished the above two steps – which takes the majority of your time and forms the skeletal of any good research work. The next following steps might be a bit challenging but comparatively less time consuming.

You have to sort out all the notes and pick those which might be useful for your final required work.

Just because you research a lot on the subject matter, it doesn’t mean that you support plagiarism. The actual write up is not merely re-writing the information collected. But like a conversation that has been going on, you need to add your reflections and opinions, along with your conclusions to the topic.


It is wonderful to write as per research, it is like adding to a discussion that has been going on for ages, and your voice will make a difference in the future conversations to come.


Experienced Based Writing

Write what you know.

You my friend follow this piece of advice the best. You write best what you know. Instead of spending time to do research, you trust your instinct, ability and memory. After all what is more pleasing than putting your experience on the paper. You capture the essence of what you are aware of and pour it into words and its best that way. Some might consider it as a misleading piece of advice as what is so intriguing about your boring daily life? When you start writing your experience you learn that you know more than you think!

When asked for suggestion to improve writing, the world beloved writers have recommended keeping a journal, because your experiences can be turned into creative ideas. When suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychologists take writing the experiences down as a form of therapy.

With the perfect blend of your imagination and experience you create realistic and relatable stories, which are appealing to the audience. The best way to come with characters is to base them on real people and who knows it better than you. There are articles which are valued on the sole element of experience in them. Then there’s you dear food bloggers and other type of reviewers who make a living on the basis of capturing your experience into words and conveying it to the masses. People look forward for your experience.

You don’t need internet and books or anything to write, just you, your experience and a medium to record your writing is enough. You can actually experience what it is to fall in love with writing, what it is to get engrossed and mercilessly attack the keyboard or paper. Well, you don’t have to break your head over facts, because you have lived the facts, take Anne Frank for example.

The process of your writing is art! Some of you record an event in short notes, audio and video but then we have those daredevils who just completely rely on their memory.


As a writer you don’t have to limit yourself to one type of writing, rather you can write on basis of your experience and on the basis of research. Explore! There’s always more to learn than you know…

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