The Unexplained Death of Elisa Lam: Ghosts, Illuminati or Mental Projections?

One of the most mysterious deaths of all time, which baffle experts and thinkers everywhere even to this date, is that of Elisa Lam. Her’s is a death which has been attributed with numerous theories, which range from the normal everyday murder to being a part of conspiracy theories and paranormal activities. Well, what could have possibly been so mysterious about the death of this particular person?

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Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old student who once visited the Hotel Cecil in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles and never left. Her dead body was subsequently found at the hotel about 3 weeks after she checked in. The most mysterious part of her death was the apparent way in which she died as well as the circumstances which surrounded her death. Her last moments were actually spent in an elevator, where a camera captured her final moments. These moments add to the inherent suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. This is owing to the way in which she behaves in the video and how these could be signs of the inherent cause and the circumstances of her death. Check out the video below in order to realize just how creepy her last moments were:

Her death reportedly happened moments after the events captured in the video had occurred. The strange part, other than the way in which she moves, the way she is on the lookout for some mysterious invisible entity, the way the elevators fail to work while she is around; is the fact that her body was found 2 weeks later in the rooftop tank of the hotel. This was when a formal cleaning of the tank was undertaken after the residents complained of the water in their rooms being of dark colouration and even smelling and tasting very odd. It was found that Elisa’s rotting corpse was the reason behind this. On the other hand, the rooftop tank is practically inaccessible to guests owing to the fact that they have to get through two heavily reinforced doors with alarms to reach there; and, of course, her death being the unexplained mystery it is, there were no alarms sounded that night. Moreover, her autopsy revealed that she had not taken any drugs or alcohol prior to the incident, which rules out the probability of the incident being a drug-induced state of paranoia and fear. So what exactly happened here?

The tanks where Elisa's body was found
The tanks where Elisa’s body was found

It was eventually announced that she died due to accidental drowning, which has been believed to be self-inflicted due to the immense lack of evidence related to any signs of struggle, murder or foul play. On the other hand, there are way too many unanswered questions as well as some harrowing coincidences (synchronicities?) which make Elisa Lam’s death seem quite distant to a normal death. Here are some of the theories which have been suggested for the death of Elisa:

Bi-Polar Disorder and Psychotic Episodes

There have been several theories suggested for this by criminologists and investigators. One of the most “sane” theories with relation to the incident is the correlation between her behavior and the fact that she was suffering from bipolar disorder. This would show that she was suffering from a psychotic episode which caused her to act the way she did in the video. On the other hand, this does not give fuel to the fact that a psychotic girl could traverse through heavily reinforced and alarm-fitted doors, lift the heavy lids of the rooftops tanks by herself and actually submerge herself in it.

Paranormal Activities

Another popular theory is that Elisa was possessed by a spirit or demon which made her act that way and eventually led her to her own death. The Hotel Cecil where Elisa was found dead, is one with a grim and macabre reputation, owing to the fact that it has been the site for several gruesome murders and suicides. The hotel is also said to have been the residence of two famous serious killers, Richard Ramirez, and Jack Unterweger. This maybe one of the reasons why people prefer to choose this theory, owing to the eerie location as well as the mysterious circumstances surrounding Elisa’s death.

Poster of Dark Water

CreepedOutFact: A movie named “Dark Water” was released in the year 2002, with eerie parallels and similarities between the plot and the Elisa Lam incident. The story moves along the lines of the ghost of a girl haunting an apartment after her body is found in the overhead tank and the residents complain of black and weird smelling water. What’s truly strange is the fact that the movie was released eight years before the incident occurred!  

Murder by Guest or Hotel Staff

Quite a few people are of the opinion that she was murdered by a guest or staff member who had taken advantage of her deranged state and had probably finished her off in order to satiate their inner carnal cravings. It is believed that a hotel staff could have easily been in control of the lift and would have also had access to the doors leading up to the roof. However, this as not been proved yet as evidence of abuse, stabbings or any kind of struggle have not been recovered from Elisa’s body.

Involvement of the Illuminati and Synchronicities

There is another batch of people who sternly believe that Elisa was assassinated by members of the secret society of Illuminati. This is owing to the fact that just a few days before her death, Elisa had updated a status about how there were some individual sources which were manufacturing cloaking devices or “invisibility cloaks”. These have been linked to some of the immensely advanced technologies that the Illuminati is said to possess with them. The death of Elisa Lam could have been an assassination owing to the fact that she may have been an individual who “knew too much” with regards to the Illuminati.

CreepedOutFact: Just days after the death of Elisa Lam, the town of Skid Row was struck with a tuberculosis epidemic. The cure for this epidemic was administered through a technique known as LAM-ELISA. Coincidence much?

 The Elevator Ritual

There is another group of people who believe that the death of Elisa Lam was related to a deadly ritual which she partook in. They say that this ritual is what she is actually performing in the video seen above. The ritual essentially involves using the lift in order to transcend to other dimensions by pressing a specific set of number or floors. The ritual is said to heavily borrow from paranormal sources, which are once again said to be responsible for Elisa’s death. They say that the ritual went wrong when Elisa tried to complete it, resulting in her subsequent death.

Whatever maybe the real reason regarding the death of Elisa Lam as well as the circumstances surrounding this incident, there is no doubt as to the fact that there is more than meets the eye in this particular scenario. With the intense synchronicities and the coincidences surrounding the case, including the events leading up to the death as well as after it, there seems to be something quite mysterious going on here than just a normal death. On the other hand, it could have been just another unsolved murder or a case of self-inflicted death by a psychotic patient.

For the time being, the mystery still remains…

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