What is Personality? What are the different types of Personalities?

What is the concept of personality and what does it embody? What are the different types of personalities?

                                                                       – Anish Vadhvaniya

If this was a self-help website, you would have been reading something along the lines of “Personality is all about attitude and how you carry yourself in social circles.” Well, you read this line here as well so that means it is something to think about and delve into. We at THC Labs like to think of a human being as not a constant machine which has been programmed for a set of characteristics and behavioral patterns, but has the inherent ability to switch between mental as well as physical embodiments of behavior and socially acceptable attitudes towards life. Moreover, this aspect of a constantly changing and learning organism is something that has been ingrained into us, so that we can enjoy the beauty of diversity which exists around us as well as within us. Coming back to the concept of personality, we can say that the way an individual projects himself/herself into society as a whole is what their personality consists of. The essence of your personality is the way in which you channelize your myriad thought patterns and mental formations into the physical world through the way you “exhibit” yourself in public. Moreover, it is essential to understand that we humans are quite psychotic and crazy within or heads. If we were to somehow go within our minds and view the inherent way we think and feel about people as well as ourselves, we are bound to notice that there is way too much baggage as well as madness within us. So the key to living life as a social animal is to suppress this madness within us and hide it under this mask that we call personality. Some masks may be more transparent than others, which essentially means that some people are more open to showcasing their inner madness than others. At the same time, society today is progressing towards layering our internal selves with more and more “etiquettes, manners and conditioned thought processes” in order to hide what we are truly inside.


On the basis of how well we channelize our inner madness and use it for either creating a beautiful and inherently awesome experience that we call life is what separates each individual from the other. The main personality traits have been classified into alphas, betas, omegas, gammas and sigmas, each with their own individual projection of themselves in society. Alphas represent the dominant ones who channelize their inner madness into creating a personality to be admired and worshiped in some cases. Betas are usually the ones who are less dominating personalities than the alphas, even though they may exhibit social skills to a large extent. On the other hand, sigmas, gammas, and omegas have been described as people who are not socially extrovert like the other two personality types but tend to channelize their inner worlds and desires in different ways. For instance, the gammas are usually scorn-filled people who tend to harbor jealousy and disgust towards the external world and hence, are usually labeled as stalkers. The sigmas are also labeled as being introvert and antisocial but use their curiosity and inherent intelligence to gain a good and stable social status for themselves. Lastly, omegas exhibit themselves as the polar opposites to alphas as they watch the dominating alphas in disgust and usually tend to hate social affairs and recognition.


The most crucial aspect that we have to realize is that we have an alpha, an omega, a beta, a gamma as well as a sigma within all of us. These personalities are essentially the projection of internal thought patterns which have been built up within us through various experiences. On the other hand, it is our inherent choice that decides our personality. Once you have explored your inner madness to quite a large extent, you will understand each mask more deeply and will be able to use them efficiently in any situation that you may need them for.

So before you start exploring your different personalities in the external world, try understanding and channelizing the inner madness within you, because the deep roots of insanity within us is where the seeds of destruction, as well as creativity, arise from.

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