YouTube Youniverse: Food Series 101- EpicMealTime

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Imagine if you were stranded on a desert island, awaiting rescue, and you could take one ‘food porn’ show with you to, it would probably be EpicMealTime

Anything but misleading (1)
Anything but misleading (1)

Fair warning to vegetarians/vegans, what lies ahead might disturb you..

We are travelling to a utopian land, far away from calories, cholesterol or care.

 Tripped out pseudo-fact: The crew of EpicMealTime engage in a ritual where they surround the refrigerator and chant ‘Food is my religion and bacon is my god’

If you don’t think that they mean business, just look at these t-shirts:

That's a slogan now (2)
That’s a slogan now (2)

If you still don’t think that these guys take their work very seriously, well then does kidnapping Jamie Oliver prove a point

Not to mention the equally epic sense of humour.

The channel also teaches you how to make extravagant meals through it’s instructional video series ‘Handle  It’. Would you be interested in some ‘Deep Dish Bacon Crust Pizza’ (safety warning-watch out for overwhelming intensity)

Tripped out pseudo-fact: 1% of the world’s population eats 99% of it’s calories, 1% being the crew of EpicMealTime

So why should we watch EpicMealTime? Well, because it offers a beautiful escape from reality- nothing about the show is conventional, be it the presenters, the style of presentation, the recipes or the mind boggling amount of bacon these guys consume. This shock therapy of gluttonous carnivorous consumption in the mock ‘cooking show’ format is one of the most entertaining things to watch on the internet.

Also, who wouldn’t want to replicate some of their creations for a party (I’m guessing some of you now want epic meals daily)

Here’s one more sensory overload for your viewing pleasure, their most watched YouTube video:

Bit over the top you think?

Come on now, it was supposed to be epic!!

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